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Find glamour and balance in the energy of fine jewellery

From the shells and feathers that our centuries-old ancestors wore, to the crown jewels that adorned the world’s most revered royal families, jewellery have been sought-after for their decorative appeal. But beyond the sparkle and aesthetics, jewellery have also been coveted for their mystical properties — as love magnets, protectors against evil, energy enhancers, and fertility boosters, among others.


Ruby collection from Graff

Gemstones are believed to possess metaphysical properties that can affect us in many ways. Want to boost productivity at work? Looking to ward off negativity? Or how about attracting love? There’s a gemstone that can aid us in almost any situation. Knowing which gemstone works best for your personality can make you look and feel good — and draw good feng shui in your favour.

Feng shui isn’t magic; it is also not rocket science. It’s about balancing energies. It’s a complex topic, but thankfully there are basics that can guide us within its labyrinthine realm. Feng shui has five elements, and the year you are born determines your elemental sign — Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. The right choice of colour can help you strengthen or weaken your elemental traits.

Caratell heart shape ruby ring

Caratell heart shape ruby ring


GRAFF multi-shape ruby and diamond necklace


Fabergé flower red hibiscus cuff

Those born in the Year of the Fire are naturally creative, confident, and fun-loving. Wearing red gemstones regularly will help amplify these characteristics, while earth colours can tone them down. Red is the most dominant colour in feng shui, and can put anyone on the spotlight without much effort — pretty much what a Burmese ruby can do at an auction!


Caratell tourmaline calla lily


Piaget amethyst and diamond necklace

Red must be worn with caution, though, if your ultimate goal is to blend in. Going for the more muted hues of pink and purple such as amethyst or agate will solve much of this dilemma. Red is also the colour of love and wearing a heart-shaped pendant with red gemstones reflects your compassion.


Bulgari serpenti collection


Damiani yellow diamonds

Those born in the Year of the Earth will find yellow and brown gemstones useful, as these will them help enhance their nurturing, discreet, and practical nature. Go for amber, citrine, tiger’s-eye, yellow sapphire, and yellow tourmaline. However, if you find your personality working to your disadvantage, going for more neutral tones such as chalcedony and hematite will help you fine-tune your energy.


Moritz  Glik moonstone ring


 Isabelle Langlois moonstone and sapphires pendant 


Grey or white gemstones are ideal for those born in the Year of the Metal as these colours can help them stay resolute even in the most stressful situations. A moonstone ring is good to have.


Chanel flower bo camelia ganse

Pearls are also a delicate favourite with a calming effect. A South Sea pearl necklace is an elegant choice for important meetings. Obsidian and pyrite are also good choices.


 Jaipore flower jewels

Blue or black gemstones are good for those born in the Year of the Water. They can act as reflectors — reflecting back whatever negative energy you are getting from other people. Aventurine, azurite, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, sapphires, and turquoise have a wide range of hues that reflect the sea and sky.


Schreiner emerald and diamonds earrings

Green gemstones are the preferred choice for those born in the Year of the Wood. Green is a symbol of rebirth and growth. It is also the colour of money, and wearing it can improve your personal finances, especially if worn close to your hands. An emerald bracelet or malachite ring will help keep wealth within reach. Jade is also highly favoured for its green colour. A jade bracelet will help its wearer improve not only wealth but also health. Agate and peridot can increase the wearer’s resourcefulness and positive thinking.