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There’s a saying that the neck of a woman is where the battle between good and evil is fought. The neck connects the mind, represented by the head and the intellect, with the body which represents all sensual desires.


The adornment of the neck — especially the throat of a woman — is always more complex and multi-layered in meaning.


Personally, I don’t wear neckrings, but I admire the audacity of a woman who is not afraid to adorn herself with them. This is because a neckring usually demands attention from onlookers, due to its sheer size and connotations vested in this particular jewellery category.


Most neckrings, too, appear to be of a sculptural sort, which invites gem-setters and jewellery companies to display imaginative and extravagant designs, maximising and showcasing their talents.


Whether open or closed, prong-s or paved with gemstones, minimalist or maximalist, neckrings bring out the architectural creativity in jewellery designers. Recognising their ingenuity, we present some spectacular pieces from some of our favourite brands.