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Lazare Diamonds’ Laura Chow’s hot tips for diamond gifting

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to make our loved ones feel special than bestowing them with diamond jewellery. One of the most treasured and anticipated gifts, diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend — their frosty sparkle never fail to evoke delight and exhilaration.

We turn to Laura Chow, Lazare Diamonds’ Regional Director and Vice President of Southeast Asia, for some diamond gifting advice.

The Love Spell Pendant
In the Love Spell pendant, eight LAZARE® Diamonds are arranged in two identical curvilinear clusters and linked by pavé diamonds.

1. The gift must complement her taste, fashion sense, and personality. It should neither underwhelm nor overwhelm, but should leave her feeling completely comfortable to wear on special occasions, if not daily without a second thought.

The Love Loop Earrings
The Love Loop earrings feature heart-shape diamonds wrapping a LAZARE® Diamond in a loop, while a wavy tail paved with small diamonds attaches to the triad of love loops.

2. The gift should withstand the test of time. Fashion may come and go but the right piece of beautiful diamond jewellery will retain its classic appeal forever, especially when it is heavily wrapped with emotions and happy memories making it ever so personal.

The Starburst Earrings
The Starburst earrings feature the brilliance, scintillation, and fire of 66 LAZARE Diamonds®.

3. Gifting is about sharing. The giver should be equally comfortable with the gift as the one being given. Compatibility makes for an enduring relationship, and so it is with gifting and everything else that couples do together and for each other.