The enduring romance of Graff bridal diamonds

FOUNDED IN 1960 BY LAURENCE GRAFF, the House of Graff has been key in bringing to the world some of the rarest and most important diamonds in history. In all, Graff has acquired, cut, and polished the majority of the 21 largest diamonds of the 21st century.


Model wearing jewellery from the Graff Bridal Collections

Little wonder then that the family-owned high jeweller’s bridal collections are among the sought after pieces by brides — stunning diamond necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, Alice bands, rings, and earrings. Every stone in the collections received the personal attention of a member of the Graff family, who would oversee every stage of its journey from the sourcing to the cutting, polishing and final setting of the bridal jewel. Simply exploring and deciding on the optimal cut for a rough diamond may consume months of gemmological effort at Graff’s London workshop.


Model wearing jewellery from the Graff Bridal Collections

Graff’s designs are ‘stone-led’, meaning each setting is fashioned by hand to cradle a diamond’s unique silhouette. Master ring mounters then ensure each stone is perfectly positioned in its bespoke mount so that light can reflect through it, amplifying its natural brilliance. This leads to jewellery that is known for its deceptive simplicity, perfect balance and proportion, and sensuous feminine power. And because Graff employs time-honoured traditional tools in combination with avant-garde technology, its designs are often beyond fashion and exhibit an understated British ‘master-crafted’ flair.


Model wearing jewellery from the Graff Bridal Collections

This aesthetic is most clearly seen in that quintessential bridal jewellery — the engagement ring. The rings are all named after the notable stones that have passed through the House of Graff over the course of its history. The names are dreamy and evoke the eternal, idealistic, and sacramental nature of matrimony.


The Paragon ring

Paragon is pure and simple design, in which an elegant band is complemented by a single scintillating diamond.


The Promise ring (front and side views) featuring a 5.57ct round diamond


The Graff aesthetic is most clearly seen in the quintessential bridal jewellery — the engagement ring

Promise positions a central diamond between shoulder stones in a variety of different cuts, classic or contemporary.


The Flame ring (front and side views) featuring a 3.01ct round diamond

Flame, meanwhile, uses a lustrous sequence of pave diamonds to lead the eye towards the centre stone.

Legacy features a parted shank dusted with diamonds: a signature design which channels maximum light in to flood the centre stone, igniting its natural radiance.


The Constellation ring

In Star Flower, white pave diamonds are delicately arranged to form the outline of a floral motif; while Constellation expresses the ancient Greek belief that diamonds are fragments of fallen stars by having a single stone framed by a glimmering halo of pave diamonds.


The Laurence Graff Signature ring

The ring designs culminate in the Laurence Graff Signature Setting, where very little detracts from the intricate facets of the perfectly-cut central diamond, in a celebration of exceptional natural beauty.


Graff multishape diamond necklace featuring 84.34 carats of diamonds

The Graff multishape diamond necklace is one of the most stunning pieces in the bridal collection, with diamonds totalling 84.34 carats

While the ancient Romans believed that the vein in the third finger on the left hand ran directly to the heart, necklaces, which are worn near the heart, control emotions and strengthen the wearer’s love. The Graff multishape diamond necklace is one of the most stunning pieces in the collections, with diamonds totalling 84.34 carats. The Graff multishape diamond scroll tiara is designed in a matching, lightly regal style; its diamonds total 35.79 carats.


Model wearing jewellery from the Graff Bridal Collections


Graff Eternity rings

Earrings featuring diamonds in emerald and marquise cut, round and pear shape, and multishape; a bracelet with multishape diamonds totalling 46.36 carats; a round diamond floral motif Alice band; and an exquisite series of Graff Eternity rings are part of the brand’s bridal collections, which are available in over 50 Graff boutiques worldwide.