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HK International Jewellery Show Day 2 Highlights

It’s day 2 for the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The team searches for interesting and new designs brands have to offer.

Here are our favourites from the show today:

Hans D. Krieger
The Germany brand presents to us their dazzling diamond drop earrings on white gold.


Prima Gems
A statement necklace perfect for your gala nights. This necklace features emeralds from Zambia with sparkling diamonds.


Gems Pavilion
Ring with Columbian emerald and Sri Lankan blue sapphire gems.


We had a closer look at the finest baguette cut diamonds by Maskada Gioielli.


One of our favourite collections from the Italian brand, this is the Vendôme collection with black and white diamonds on white gold.


Stay tuned for more interesting and exciting designs tomorrow.