With the recent discovery of liquid water on Mars and Virgin’s commercial spacecraft arm Virgin Galactic launch, we may not be far off from colonising outer space. Not compromising art and style even in space, Klimt02 Gallery presents Jewelry for Astronauts and Space Travelers, an exhibition featuring contemporary jewellery by Ezra Satok-Wolman from Canada-based Atelier Hg & Company Inc.


Inspired by importance of art in space, the collection that will be presented is designed to adorn the astronauts and space travellers of the future. Catering to the requirements of outer space, each piece is specifically designed to meet space age standards, taking weight, size and tensile strength into consideration.
Another highlight of the exhibition is the interactive audio visual experience, it allows visitors to catch a glimpse into the future of space travel. The images from the exhibition will be included in a NASA initiative to send images of art in a digital time-capsule aboard the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft for viewing in space.


Klimt02 Gallery
Jewelry for Astronauts and Space Travelers exhibition
22 April – 12 May 2016

Riera Sant Miquel, 6508006 Barcelona