MARVELS MISMATCHED | Solitaire Magazine


Earrings are an easy accessory to complement a hairstyle and lighten up an outfit. Usually found in identical pairs, they play a vital role in enhancing facial symmetry, our traditional idea of attractiveness and beauty. The more symmetrical a woman’s face, the more attractive she is, so conventional wisdom goes. Women put in tireless efforts, from extreme surgery to simply wearing a pair of earrings, to achieve a perfectly symmetrical face.

Thankfully, in recent years, women are learning to not only accept some of their imperfections, but embrace them to express uniqueness and individuality. Gap-toothed models become all the rage. Freckles are embraced. And asymmetry is in fashion.

Say goodbye to perfectionism and hello to quirks, originality and disproportions. This season, SolitaireLuxe encourages all ladies to embrace and love their flaws by flaunting these stunning mismatched ear candles.