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Championing traditional savoir-faire and innovative approach to fine jewellery

Family-run fine jewellery brand Sartoro is a treasured fixture within the jewellery scene in Bangkok. With a profound design understanding, siblings Arto and Saro Artinian, who co-founded the brand in 2001, continue to preserve traditional jewellery-making techniques while embracing new ones. “We want our pieces to be contemporary with a refined edge,” says Saro, Gemmologist, COO, and Design and Development Director of the Sartoro and Artinian brands.


Saro and Arto draw upon their experience accrued from setting up their first company, Artinian, back in 1997. Under Arto’s leadership as President and CEO, the company grew from strength to strength, creating couture and bespoke pieces that cater to Royal houses and the elite in the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

Saro and Arto decided to reinforce their presence in Bangkok by creating a specialised studio with a high-tech atelier that employs over 350 people. “We are in a period when designs, trends, and customer expectations are in constant change,” says Arto. “This gives us added creative mobility to imagine and fit into the evolving tastes of the present day.”

The brothers understand very well the need for everyday-jewellery in contemporary designs and at attainable price points. Sartoro leans on complete retailing proposition of design-led, refined, and innovative fine jewellery collections, all the while banking on the Artinian savoir-faire. The designs for Sartoro are manufactured in the family’s atelier, where metalworkers and gem-setters shape up Saro’s ideas from the finest materials into sparkly forms.

Sartoro Fauna Collection

The driving force of the younger boutique brand, Arto continues to steer it towards the millennials. The creations have a distinct Sartoro DNA and share the aesthetic vision and product philosophy of both Arto and Saro. “Sartoro jewellery collections are the quintessence of our ideas, open thoughts, and design aspirations,” says Saro.



“The quality, luxury elements, and attention to detail set Sartoro on a standard of its own.” Needless to say, contemporary, innovative, and trendsetting collections have paved the way for Sartoro’s growth.


Sartoro Gaia Collection



Gaia-ASB597WG-sartoro-diamond-ringFine jewellery that offers the option of personalisation is on-trend at the moment. “Our designs evolve around contemporary urban lifestyles and are very much personalised to fit the lifestyles and choices of the wearer,” says Saro. With his eye on the millennial audience across the globe, the designs for the Provocation line features lighter, fluid pieces that flow through bold curves. The raw, minimal setting allows the diamonds to shimmer elegantly. Celebrating the renaissance of classic design, the Gaia collection is an ode to femininity.

Sartoro Happy Collection

Meanwhile, the Happy series is an endearing line that plays up minimalism. “We wanted to elevate the ‘celebrate yourself’ aspect with our Happy collection,” explains Arto. “The ultimate sparkle, we believe, comes from the wearer herself.”


Sartoro Peacock Collection


Besides diamonds, Sartoro is also drawn towards emeralds and tanzanites as opposed to other coloured gems. The Riviere high jewellery is adorned with rubies, blue sapphires, and yellow diamonds, while the stately necklaces and bangles are realised in diamonds. “The creative palette is the main lure when choosing the combination of gemstones. The Peacock collection is inspired by the peacock feathers, symbolising the pristine wilderness and feminine sophistication,” explains Saro. This line employs a varied blend of rose gold and white gold set with diamonds, while blue sapphires, emerald beads, tanzanite cabochons, and Akoya pearls play within the design spectrum.

Nature is a strong source of inspiration for the brand, which is apparent in all of the diamond-studded foliage and prowling animals. The more couture pieces from the Fauna collection — Falcon, Lion and Snow Leopard — do not pander to vanity. Instead, they appeal to those who are passionate about designs. These are bold pieces with strong aesthetics, and quite red-carpet worthy.

With social media having an indisputable influence on sales, jewellers acknowledge the importance of the Internet. Sartoro is no different. “We do have a dynamic online presence. We also share and engage with our fans and followers on what is new and trendy — events, concepts, ideas and collections,” shares Arto.