SCENT OF NOBILITY | Solitaire Magazine


Perfumes draw on emotions, eliciting delight and elation. Like jewellery, in many ways. Famous fragrances have long been inspired by precious gemstones, evoking nuances of light and iridescence, of longing and desire. Taking this to heart is The Royalé Dream, the world’s most expensive perfume collection to date.

Launched at Amber Lounge during the 2015 Singapore F1 Grand Prix, The Royalé Dream is a collaboration between fragrance company Cuarzo The Circle and luxury jewellers World of Diamonds. The project took more than 17 months, with Spanish perfumer Ramón Béjar at the helm of the scents’ creation.

The collection comprises three fragrances — Earth, Celestial, and Enlightenment — secured in an exquisite blue egg-like jewel chest featuring lambskin interiors. Gold flakes, coloured diamonds, and a fancy 0.85ct vivid blue diamond ring designed by World of Diamonds provide visual splendour; while scented base of pure Oud oil (Earth), an array of floral essences (Celestial), and unique scents hand-picked from around the world (Enlightenment) address olfactory satisfation.