Verdi will kick-start upcoming milestone with a music-inspired collection at Baselworld

Two years ahead of its 50th anniversary, Italian brand Verdi is kick-starting the celebrations with a music genre-inspired jewellery collection, charting the brand’s history and milestones.

At this year’s Baselworld, happening on 21 to 26 March, the Valenza-based brand will present the 7 Themes Collection, highlighting a stunning journey into Verdi’s nearly 50 years of style. Baselworld visitors can expect a lyrical storytelling through seven popular music genres. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings take on a musical twist to suit every mood and style.

Rock’N’Roll features fun and colourful jewellery; Opera offers style and class at their best; Chillout for a chic and glamorous look, perfect for a cocktail party; Soul is where art and tradition meet passion; Blues celebrate the colour blue; Pop features easy-to-wear jewellery for everyday elegance; and Swing offers tailored diamond jewellery with a twist.

Rock’N’Roll ring in rose gold with diamonds, red coral, onyx, and emeralds
Rock’N’Roll bangles in rose gold with diamonds, red coral, turquoise, and white agate

At this year’s Baselworld — happening on 21 to 26 March — Verdi will present the 7 Themes Collection

Opera ring in white gold with brilliant cut diamonds and a central pear-shaped diamond
Chillout cuff bangle in white and rose gold with diamonds
Soul earrings in white gold with diamonds and rubies
Soul earrings in white gold with diamonds and blue sapphires
Blues bangle in white gold with white diamonds, blue sapphires, and a heart-shaped tanzanite
Swing bangles in white gold with diamonds

Each item in the collection echoes the brand’s four signature values — Excellence, Italian Style, Personality, and Womanhood. These four values are at the same time distinctive and meld together, so that every jewellery piece has a bit of everything. 

Having a music-themed jewellery collection is something CEO Marco Verdi has always wanted. “I have an immense passion for music genre since I was a teenager, so it was natural for me to name our collections with different musical genres,” says Marco, who took over the business from his father, Giuseppe Verdi.

“Giuseppe Verdi is not only my father and the founder of VERDI, but it was also the name of one of the greatest composers of all times,” Marco quips. “Why seven? Seven has always been the number of magic and perfection,” adding that, in the chromatic scale (from A to G), there are seven main musical notes.

Distinctly Made in Italy

Verdi has been instrumental in stamping the “Made in Italy” brand globally. Over the years, the company has put innovation at its core — from gemstone research to cutting and setting techniques. The company’s philosophy is to emphasise the personality of the product over and above its commercial character.

Marco Verdi, CEO of VERDI


“Verdi has been synonymous with quality and design for 50 years, and our jewels have always been the central part of our project”

– Marco Verdi, CEO of Verdi

Marco shares: “Verdi as a company was born in the early months of 1971, but it was the continuation of the business established by my grandfather (on my mother’s side), who had been a master jeweller since 1946.”

Although the brand’s 50th anniversary is still two years away, they are already proceeding step by step with their marketing strategy so as to arrive ready at the anniversary date. “We have many ideas and we still have to select the right ones. For example, I think it would be nice to repeat five distinctive jewels from our past collections, one for each decade, as special heritage and limited pieces,” Marco shares.


Keeping Up with the Times

Riding the wave of change, Verdi looks set to further strengthen its global presence in the next 50 years.

Beatrice Hausammann wearing the Wings pieces from the 7 Themes Collection, VERDI

Each item in the collection echoes the brand’s four signature values — Excellence, Italian Style, Personality, and Womanhood

For many years, Verdi’s jewellery have been essentially unbranded, but since the 2000’s a growing number of markets have began to require VERDI as a brand. “Verdi has been synonymous with quality and design for 50 years, and our jewels have always been the central part of our project,” Marco remarks. “Of course, many other things have changed, from the typology of our clientele (wholesalers in the 70s, and retailers for the last 40 years), to production technologies, to a change in branding strategy.”

“I hope that our family tradition will continue with the next generations. In the future, I see e-commerce taking more and more importance, and I would not be surprised if the traditional shops will end in favour of a direct contact via web between the manufacturer and the final consumer,” adds Marco.

Indeed, these days, many jewellery companies are using digital media to grow their brands; and Verdi also has its sights on the digital space. The brand recently refreshed its website and started to send out e-newsletters to clients.

“We also opened our Instagram account last year, and recently collaborated with Beatrice Hausammann, an Italian-based international influencer who reflects the brand’s four signature values in her day-to-day lifestyle,” says Marco.

Despite the ever-changing world market today, Verdi vows to never lose their ‘Made in Italy’ value.