Statement earrings for the fabulous and flamboyant

FROM DROP SHAPES THAT BRUSH THE SHOULDERS TO SIZABLE HOOPS AND CHIC EAR CLIPS, dramatic earrings are all the statement you need to easily dress up a work-to-cocktail ensemble.

As opposed to other jewellery categories — rings, necklaces, and bracelets, earrings are bound to follow hairstyles. Updos and pixie hairstyles go well with dangling earrings or other trends that frame the face. Stud and cluster earrings are best for hair down, and give just the right amount of sparkle peeking behind the hair. While a pair of drop earrings best complements the demure demeanour of a ponytail.

Earrings, however, are purely worn for their aesthetics — they are of no practical use. And unlike wedding or engagement rings, or locket pendants for that matter, earrings are not weighed down by emotional ties. They are one of the most frivolous jewellery pieces, solely worn to accentuate a woman’s beauty or her sense of fashion. But as any jewellery-infatuated woman will testify, there is a sensual pleasure derived in wearing a pair of statement earrings, which tends to follow the movement of the head and the desires of the heart.

Jewelmer’s golden South Sea pearls continuously inspire the creative and the fashionable. Its vibrant pair of Tutti Frutti earrings portrays nature in all its majesty.


Girandole earrings, which usually feature three- or five-pendant drops of gemstones or pearls, accentuate the face and neck perfectly. Dilys’ version from its Novel collection features fancy coloured sapphires in 18K yellow, white, and black gold.

Sartoro’s Plume collection celebrates femininity, the balance between a woman’s softness and her quiet strength. These feather earrings from the Plume collection, made with 18K white gold and set with diamonds and pear-shaped
Colombian emerald drops, are elegant as they are commanding.

Schreiner Fine Jewellery’s handmade long earrings dazzle in six white diamonds and 26 yellow diamonds. These pendeloque earrings are all about length and unmistakable vibrance.

Der Mond’s modernised Heritage Grandeur of Royal Blue earrings combine new simplicity with an old luxurious pendeloque classic. The earrings are made of 18K white gold set with a total of 16ct royal blue sapphires and 11ct diamonds.

Gems Pavilion’s unique earrings made of 18K white gold set with pink coral, morganite, and 35.36ct diamonds are a scene-stealer. In true Gems Pavilion fashion, these earrings’ ultimate goal is to lift a woman’s spirit.