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Hong Kong jeweller Dilys Young shares her top five tips for fine jewellery gifting

Since time immemorial, jewellery has always delighted people. The sparkle of fine jewellery has a way of uplifting one’s mood, enhancing a look, and elevating a status of relationships. In fact, fine jewellery is one of infallible gifts you can ever give to a loved one. Personal and intimate, jewellery can be passed down from one generation to the next — a perfect heirloom to withstand the test of time.

This holiday season, we asked one of Hong Kong’s bespoke fine jewellers, Dilys Young, for her top five tips to fine jewellery gifting.

Classic pearl brooch from the Vintage collection featuring a South Sea pearl, sapphires, ruby, garnet, and diamonds in 18K white gold

Cross brooch in fancy coloured diamonds and diamonds from the Novel collection

Unique wristwatch from the Lady collection featuring carved gemstones and diamonds in 18K white gold

“Jewellery can be a very intimate and personal gift, so it’s best to consider more before making the purchase”
– Dilys Young, Founder and Designer of Dilys’

1. Understand her personality.
The first thing you have to do when deciding which jewellery to buy for a loved one is to understand her personality, colour preferences, and habits. If she is a career woman, I would suggest gifting her a pair of earrings or a necklace. These options are no-fuss and easy to wear from office to party.

2. Give her something special to show off.
If she likes to go out to parties, give her rings and bracelets that can she wear and display beautifully for every occasion.

3. Buy her something that she can easily wear.
Gifting a simple pendant or necklace is always safe, especially if you don’t really know the personality of the wearer. A necklace can be easily worn and styled; and unlike rings, you don’t have to resize it.

4. Be on the lookout for top trends and designs.
For the holiday season, designs featuring coloured gemstones are very popular because they cheer people up. I love playing with vibrant colours in my designs while making sure they are easy to style and comfortable to wear. With many festive celebrations lined up, a lot of my clients also come to us to buy earrings and ring jackets to add to their existing jewellery collections.

5. Always opt for something unique, special, and personal.
For the holiday season, we offer our bespoke gift-giving service, where the entire process of designing and creating a jewellery piece from scratch is all part of the whole experience. This is something unique that our clients can share to their friends or loved ones. Besides the unique experience, the final product is also especially designed to fit each and every individual.