THE SWEETEST BLUSH | Solitaire Magazine


Soft and delicate, the colour pink represents grace, femininity and tenderness. But beyond colour-gender norms, pink has also taken on symbolism of strength, optimism and compassion. The pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, for instance, encourages hope and conviction among breast cancer patients and their family.

In jewellery, pink diamonds shine sweetly and elegantly, highlighting a woman’s gentleness. But underneath their soft and tender hue lies a tenacious spirit. One of the most expensive diamonds, the natural pink varieties are extremely rare. Their colour formation remains a mystery among even seasoned gemmologists.

Fancy coloured diamonds obtain their colour from chemical impurities that absorb light yellow diamonds from nitrogen and blue from boron. Surprisingly, pink diamonds do not contain any impurities. Some theories state that their colour may have been caused by natural crystal deformation, thus pink only appears in some areas of the stone and rarely homogeneously. SolitaireLuxe pays tribute to the fierceness of this delicate stone.