Stunning engagement rings that defy convention

THIS YEAR, THE BRIDAL SCENE HAS ALL EYES ON BRITAIN’S NEW PRINCESS, Meghan Markle. From the messy hair bun, to the bags she carries, and of course, her three-pronged engagement ring, all have been scrutinised and discussed in every online forum and fashion magazine, over tea or frappe, by every fashionista and bride-to-be.

“In 2018, we are seeing the effects of a major bridal influencer in Meghan Markle,” says Rachael Taylor, industry expert and Editorial Director and Co-founder of The Jewellery Cut. “Her engagement ring has set off a three-pronged trend.” Although rings in a trio of gems are on top of most brides’ wish list, engagement rings in contemporary designs are an obvious choice for the unconventional bride.

Ming Lampson


Diamond engagement ring designed for a volcanologist bride, MING LAMPSON

How common is it nowadays to see brides breaking the rules of convention? Very, it would seem. London jeweller Ming Lampson was asked to make an engagement ring for a client’s girlfriend. “He told me that his girlfriend loves rocks and minerals and is a volcanologist. And that she travels the world collecting rock and lava samples. This instantly made me think of raw diamonds and the beautiful crystal shapes that are discovered erupted up out of diamond pipes,” says Lampson. Raw diamonds and natural octrahedral diamond crystals from Antwerp made their way into this unusual ring handmade by the designer, who has been making one-of-a-kind jewels for almost 20 years now.

Spinelli Kilcollin


Link diamond engagement ring, SPINELLI KILCOLLIN

Thinking outside the box — or circles in this case — comes quite naturally to Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin, founders of Los Angeles-based Spinelli Kilcollin. The duo melded the contemporary spirit of their signature link rings for their bridal collection, offering infinite variations. “We developed single stone settings to work seamlessly into our existing connected ring designs. The settings are bold and minimal, which showcase the set stone and fit with our minimal design aesthetic,” explains Spinelli.

Maria Canale

Art Deco Medallion-engagement-ring-MARIA-CANALE

Art Deco Medallion-engagement-ring-MARIA-CANALE

New York jeweller Maria Canale, who is deeply influenced by Japanese culture, has used blackened gold to accentuate the shapes within her one-of-a-kind Deco Medallion engagement ring. “The ring was inspired by the geometric patterns in Japanese decorative arts,” she shares. “My favourite part of this ring are the four extra long baguette diamonds that form and ‘X shape in the centre.” The shank of the ring is set with round pave set diamonds. “I designed this for a woman who is looking for a ring that will become her signature piece,” says Maria.

Jemma Wynne


Open ring with diamond and pink sapphire, JEMMA WYNNE

Jemma Wynne’s open engagement rings are fashion-sensible and high on attitude. When co-founder Jenny Klatt decided to refresh her own engagement ring on her eighth wedding anniversary, she chose to mimic the brand’s signature open bangles, retain her original Asscher-cut diamond, and add a new one on the side to create an open look. “There are so many options to how you can design them,” she says. The designers have since rendered the open ring in several versions combining different stone cuts, angles, colours, and shapes, following a number of requests for the same style.

Leonori Gioielli


Unique engagement ring, LEONORI GIOIELLI

Inspired by women with contemporary and unique tastes, Italian jeweler Leonori Gioielli’s take on the unconventional engagement ring trend comes with a stunning 1.20ct fancy yellow diamond centre stone. The unique high jewellery ring features244 white diamonds in a precious embroidery motif.



Diamond ring from the Happy collection, SARTORO

Bangkok-based Sartoro’s Happy collection includes unconventional engagement rings designed using round brilliant, emerald cut, pear-shaped diamonds and diamond pavéd accents.

Anita Ko


Princess Eternity ring, ANITA KO

While Anita Ko’s Princess and Duchess eternity rings and Split Heart and Asscher ring are divine options. Jessica McCormack offers her unique take on bridal engagement rings that highlight traditional techniques. The six new designs launched this year feature Georgian cut-down setting and diamonds.

Dina Kamal



Often, blackened yellow gold is used to accentuate the motifs. Dina Kamal’s DK01 Coin diamond ring, in her signature beige gold, is a sought-after understated alternative to traditional engagement rings.

Shimell and Madden


Textured engagement ring, SHIMMEL AND MADDEN

Meanwhile, Shimell and Madden creates genuinely eye-catching textured engagement rings that are inspired by the mathematical aspect of the work and general aesthetics of geometry. Arcs, lines, squares all form part of their repertoire.

Mindi Mond

Clarity Floating Unique-engagement-proposal-Diamond-Double-Shank-ring-MINDI-MOND

Mindi Mond, however, likes to play with composition and give it an edge while keeping it classic. “Over the years I’ve noticed that people are very drawn to jewellery that have unexpected movement. Dripping stones, in particular, have been very popular, whether on pendants or earrings. So, I decided to see what would happen if I added one to a ring,” says Mond, about her art deco inspired Clarity rings.



Tu Sole engagement ring, CADAR

Bejewelled secrets are a good thing. Transformable designs, even better. Cadar’s Tu sole engagement ring has mixed metals and a shimmering secret. The Tu outer ring is made in polished gold accented with diamonds and encases a solitaire diamond ring crafted in platinum.

Alia Mouzannar


Cache engagement ring, ALIA MOUZANNAR

Alia Mouzannar’s Cache collection flows a similar principle and draws upon her architecture background. The Cache engagement ring features a diamond ring, devoid of locking mechanisms, entrapped within a case.

These brave designers revisit classics, add a contemporary touch, and bridge diverse designs with their own distinct signature style. With an array of unconventional engagement rings such as these, any bride can keep her options open.