As FOPE turns 90 this year, we take a look at key moments in its history, as well as its contributions to the world of fine jewellery

FOPE found its start in 1929 as an Italian goldsmith workshop, which, over the course of 90 years, has evolved into an international jewellery brand celebrated for its unique pieces. The brand prides itself with jewellery that is made in-house, marrying years of traditional techniques and technology, which is then shipped to over 50 countries.

In addition to its storied past and elegant creations, the company has also been a Responsible Jewellery Council member since 2013 and became a certified member in 2014. This RCJ certification provides further guarantee of the quality of FOPE’s products, as well as the ethics behind the whole production process.

Looking back at its provenance, as well as the values that steered the company to where it is today, FOPE presented a monumental restyling project that was revealed at Baselworld 2019. This includes new brand identity details, such as a new logo, new company colours, as well as communication tools.

Meet the Family
Over the decades, FOPE’s jewellery collection has identified five important family members, which are all distinctive, yet perfectly interpret the brand’s original concept of wearable luxury. These include:

The Novecento mesh chain is the main star in many of FOPE’s collections and has become a true icon with its gold weave that varies in gauge and design. This collection is well defined as the brand’s signature range of products that captures the essence of effortless Italian style.

The Flex’it range features stretchable bracelets and rings crafted in 18-carat gold and rendered fully flexible thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link. This groundbreaking system was developed by FOPE a few decades ago and was later on patented and applied to its signature gold mesh chain in 2007.

Beyond jewellery, FOPE has extended its reach into the realm of timepieces. The LadyFope collection is comprised of 18-carat rose or white gold watches that perfectly combine elegance and innovation. The timepieces feature a Swiss-made quartz movement, a FOPE-designed case, and the Flex’it bracelet.

The MiaLuce collection combines the Flex’it technology and the most luxurious FOPE designs, resulting in high-end jewellery pieces. The collection is comprised of flexible, multi-row 18-carat bracelets, necklaces, lariats, rings, and earrings. These are then adorned with rows of white, black, or brown diamonds.

Men’s Jewellery
White gold and black diamonds form the core of FOPE’s understated yet elegant collection of jewellery for men. The absolute bestsellers are the Flex’it bracelets, which complement the modern gentleman’s casual or formal outfit.

FOPE’s Historical Timeline
Key moments for the jewellery brand

Umberto Cazzola, first of the Cazzola’s dynasty of jewellers, opened his first goldsmith workshop with around 20 employees

After WWII, the workshop turned into a cutting-edge factory thanks to the strong economic growth that involved the whole country

Leading Swiss watchmakers demanded for high standards in watchstrap manufacturing and FOPE, thanks to craftsmanship and innovative technologies, became the leading supplier in Italy

FOPE created its signature Novecento mesh, which was shaped into many different designs, resulting in a successful new style in Italy and worldwide

FOPE inaugurated its new headquarters in the centre of Vicenza – a modern building designed to accommodate the premises and the production

Introduction of the Flex’it range that features stretchable bracelets and rings crafted in 18-carat gold

FOPE opens its first flagship store in Venice, which is located in Procuratie Vecchie, overlooking San Marco square

FOPE officially enters the Italian stock market and rang the bell at the Milan Stock Exchange on 30 November 2016

FOPE marks 90 years of beautiful jewellery making with a restyling project that sees a timely brand identity upgrade

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