As the concept of luxury evolves, so do attitudes towards jewellery. Jack Zybert, CEO of ZYDO, tells us more about the changing demands of their customers, trends in diamond jewellery, and the rise of the Southeast Asian market

The book Luxury: A Rich History by Peter McNeil and Giorgio Riello talks about living in a world obsessed with luxury, whether through material goods or experiences. It traces luxury’s evolution through the middle ages and the Renaissance, and how it continues to morph today, guided by power shifts and people’s ever-changing preferences and desires.

Beyond fast cars, the latest gadgets, and designer fashion, jewellery plays an integral role in the world of luxury. But just like everything else, people’s attitude towards it has changed significantly over the years and no one has their finger on its pulse quite like Jack Zybert, CEO of ZYDO, a 47-year-old Italian jewellery brand lauded and celebrated for its fine jewellery and exquisite diamond creations.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’
“In the past, buying jewellery was almost exclusively driven by specific life and calendar events, and jewellery was regarded as a gift that men gave to women,” recalls Zybert. “Today, while those factors are still somewhat present, women have grown more ideologically and financially independent, and they have embraced the jewellery buying process often independently of their partners.”

Zybert also reveals that his female customers now have a tendency to research on brands, meet the designers and owners of the jewellery houses, learn about the company’s history and practices, and enjoy the buying experience — a far cry compared to the knee-jerk reaction to all things sparkly and beautiful, resulting in impulse and uninformed purchases. “They have also come to prefer value, quality, and exclusivity over simple brand awareness,” he adds.

Attitude aside, new markets are finally opening up for the brand, resulting in exciting achievements. “2019 has been a landmark year for us in so many ways,” shares Zybert. “We successfully unveiled three ZYDO in-store boutiques within Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, Atlanta, and Naples. There was also greater expansion in our distribution worldwide, including Asia, as well as further development of our best-selling collections, namely Luminal, Stretch, and Unique.

ZYDO’s Jack Zybert

Eyes On Southeast Asia
During a brief conversation with Zybert at the recently concluded JeweLuxe 2019 in Singapore, he mentioned that the Southeast Asian market is a primary focus for brand growth. He says, “Every ZYDO piece is designed, hand-crafted, and sold to be worn and cherished for generations. This extreme attention to outstanding craftsmanship, as well as our distinctively Italian designs and our family tradition and history in the diamond industry, are key components to our success in Asia. Additionally, we treasure and cultivate personal relationships with each and every one of our clients. This is a factor often overlooked in the modern and fast-paced business environment we find ourselves in. However, it is appreciated by our clients not just in Southeast Asia, but around the world.”

As for ZYDO signatures that do particularly well in this side of the world, Zybert notes that both Luminal and Stretch are receiving much fanfare. “Our clients enjoy the workmanship and creative thought placed in each of the pieces from these collections. The long necklaces, flowing earrings, and flower rings in the Luminal collection are a versatile yet elegant choice for special events. Meanwhile, the Stretch bracelet and rings are an impeccable fashion accent for any occasion or everyday wear.”

Just like ZYDO’s jewellery styles, their clientele in Southeast Asia is varied and broad. Zybert notes that the ZYDO collection has been well received by women of all ages and background, which is a testament to their product offerings, which includes simple designs, a variety of price points, and even exceptional one-of-a-kind creations. “However, one thing is for sure: Our clients share a love for design and beauty. They are fashionable, sophisticated, savvy, and very knowledgeable. Most of them are well travelled and have a passion and appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship and exclusivity.”

Diamonds, Definitely
Circling back to the notion of luxury, there are some things that remain a constant. There is no doubt that diamonds, in all their sparkling and mesmerising glory, have withstood the test of time and remain as a barometer of the high life. “The diamond is certainly our favourite gemstone,” exclaims Zybert. “Our family has been involved in the diamond production and trade for generations. Therefore, the love for diamonds, as well as our deep knowledge of everything related to it, is engrained in our hearts and minds. We enjoy incorporating into our creations different diamond cuts, often mixed together in new and interesting patterns.”

While flawless white diamonds will forever hold a special place in the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts, Zybert is urging us to pay close attention to its more colourful and rarer counterparts. “In 2020, we are planning to reveal new one-of-a-kind creations featuring rare and exceptional fancy coloured diamonds, which include yellow, cognac, pink, and even black diamonds. These coloured diamonds are definitely going to become more prominent in our collections. Thankfully, our clientele has embraced these gemstones and have developed greater knowledge of them. Creatively, coloured diamonds will allow our designers to come out with new and exciting designs, preserving ZYDO’s traditional predilection for choosing only the most luxurious and valuable gemstones.”

As a bit of a preview, Zybert and the ZYDO team chose to highlight a spectacular pair of earrings in this issue of Solitaire — a pair that features 8.00 carats each of fancy intense yellow diamonds VVS2, VS1, and surrounded by D colour VS fancy shape diamonds. Complementing the earrings are two rings that feature 5 carats each of solitaire marquise and pear-shape cut diamonds, in D colour as well. Finally, a stack of ZYDO’s iconic stretch diamond bracelets completes the look, adding elegance and fun. “We decided to feature these items because we believe that they are not only beautiful, but because they are great investments as well due to the top-notch quality and wearability,” says Zybert.

But no matter what piece a customer chooses, quality is paramount. Zybert reminds us that as consumers become more knowledgeable and demanding, brands that can provide superior gemstone quality and craftsmanship, as well as compelling value, will always be the ones that will be successful in the long term. He concludes, “We feel that we are particularly well positioned to capitalise on this trend towards quality and value.”

Photography by Chino Sardea
Makeup and hair by Nikki Fu, using Jung Saem Mood Beauty and Schwarzkopf Pro
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Model: Rachel Flett / Mannequin

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