A UNION TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: Ode to Larry Jewelry and Lazare Diamonds’ 30-year partnership

diamond necklace
diamond necklace
Diamond necklace from the Lazare collection

Thirty years ago, Larry Jewelry and Lazare Diamonds took a vow to satisfy the most discerning jewellery connoisseurs in Asia and across the globe. It was a perfect match of two like-minded companies: Larry Jewelry is one of the leading fine jewellery companies in Asia with boutiques in Hong Kong and Singapore, while Lazare Diamonds is an iconic diamond manufacturing company based in New York.

diamond earrings
RollerGlam earrings with Lazare diamonds

The splendid union they started in 1989 saw Larry Jewelry crafting exquisite jewellery using the finest diamonds from Lazare Diamonds. To this day, their partnership is a celebrated success, with Lazare Diamonds taking the spotlight in many of Larry Jewelry’s best-selling collections — foremost is the sleek and minimalist RollerGlam series. Beyond the ready-to-wear collections, Larry Jewelry also procures loose diamonds from Lazare Diamonds, which it then crafts into bespoke designs.

Diamond necklace
RollerGlam necklace with Lazare diamonds

“From Larry Jewelry’s beginnings in the 1960s and through the decades, our jewellery pieces stand out because of our avant-garde designs,” says Catherine Ng, Managing Director at Larry Jewelry Singapore. “Our craftsmen were, and still are, able to highlight the natural beauty of gemstones in exceptional settings, which captured the attention of Lazare Diamonds and sparked our partnership.”

The exclusive partnership made Larry Jewelry one of the first in Asia to retail laser-inscribed Lazare Diamonds. Their union has also set a gold standard in authenticity and transparency.

diamond ring
RollerGlam ring with Lazare diamonds

At Lazare Diamonds, only 1% to 2% of its production meets the strict quality and uncompromising ideal-cut standard. “Every diamond 0.18 carat and larger has the Lazare Diamonds logo and an individual identification number as proof of its authenticity as an ideal-cut Lazare diamond,” explains Laura Chow, Lazare Diamond’s Regional Director and VP of Southeast Asia. “The unique number may be used as proof of ownership in case of loss or theft.”

larry jewellery and catherine ng
Laura Chow, Regional Director and VP of Southeast Asia, Lazare Diamonds, and Catherine Ng, Managing Director, Larry Jewellery Singapore

Bespoke designs remain the core of Larry Jewelry’s offerings, and Ng says more and more customers are requesting one-of-a-kind pieces, including engagement rings with Lazare Diamonds. The Larry Jewelry business model is quite unique from other chain jewellery brands — we have a significant number of bespoke requests. The proportion of jewellery featuring Lazare Diamonds in comparison to our other diamond jewellery does fluctuate with demand and customised orders. Nevertheless, we embrace our partnership with Lazare Diamonds and their ability to supply us with loose diamonds to create exceptional bespoke and ready-to-wear pieces,” says Ng.

Diamond bangle
RollerGlam bangle with Lazare diamonds

In recent years, Larry Jewelry has seen a remarkable uptake of orders from the younger crowd. “Among the younger generation, the most popular remains the Lazare solitaire range. Whether they’re looking for a proposal ring or their first diamond, younger shoppers are very aware of what they want. Quality and brand recognition are crucial. The Lazare laser inscription and certification allow these shoppers to buy with confidence,” Ng explains.


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