Established in 1929 and hailing from Vicenza, Italy, the FOPE brand found its start as a goldsmith, which soon evolved into a well-loved jewellery label. Without a doubt, FOPE’s pieces are gorgeous statements, but the brand’s claim to fame is how it manages to blend craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

Creativity and know-how were qualities that made people take notice of FOPE, but it was the Novecento mesh chain – a timeless classic that is now an icon – that put it on the map, with its elegant gold weave that varies in gauge and design.

However, the brand’s turning point was the introduction of Flex’it, which is an original system used in 18 karat gold bracelets and rings, rendering them fully flexible because of tiny gold springs hidden between each link.

Eka Anniversario

Soon enough, the Flex’it system was used in the Eka (“One” in Sanskrit) range, which was introduced in 2007. Until today, it remains as one of FOPE’s ultimate bestsellers. In addition, FOPE marks a new version of this signature bestseller, which features a subtle yet fundamental redesign of the rondel. This resulted in The Eka Anniversario, which is available in three gauges and ideal for everyday use. Slip it on marvel at its unmistakable Italian elegance, quality, comfort, and wearability.

Meanwhile, jewellery lovers who have the basics covered and would like a little more sparkle for special occasions will want to consider the Eka MiaLuce range.

Eka MiaLuce necklace

Eka MiaLuce earrings

MiaLuce, which translates to “my light” in Italian, is the name under which FOPE keeps all of its high-end collections. Therefore, this new line combines exquisite technique and design, resulting in a selection of remarkable jewellery that is on a league of its own.


Eka MiaLuce bracelet

Eka MiaLuce ring

Eka MiaLuce, which is comprised of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, is available in two variants that differ in diamond weight. But in both cases, what results is a suite of opulent and vibrant pieces to be worn and cherished for a long time.

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