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Pick apart your favourite statement jewels and what do you see? Precious metals lay segregated from their bejewelled counterparts, varying in sizes from small to large cuts. Depending on your personal style, you might have a monopoly of sparkling white diamonds, or a colourful array of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Forget the theatrics any jeweller connoisseur or a true lover of jewellery would cast their first gaze on the most brilliant gemstones of them all. Contributing to their sparkling shine are its multifaceted surfaces, where the best gems are executed with the most precise cuts.

Swarovski genuine topaz with centria cut in Misty Rose


Swarovski Gemstones has been a master of precision-cut gemstones for more than 50 years. The Austrian jewellery company took to the platform at the recent BaselWorld to showcase its latest gemstone innovations, which included new additions to its Swarovski Topaz Cuts.

Swarovski genuine topaz with heart cut in Misty Rose Swarovski genuine topaz with octagon cut in Misty Rose Swarovski genuine topaz with marquise cut in Misty Rose


Ranging from Cushion to Square cuts, Swarovski Topazes shine in a brilliant new shade that resembles a clinking glass of bubbly. The Misty Rose colour, patented under the Swarovski Thermal Color Fusion (TCFTM) Colors, takes on a nude accent which would complement gold, earthy brown, and red-related tones.

Swarovski genuine topaz with antique cushion cut in Misty Rose Swarovski genuine topaz with oval cut in Misty Rose Swarovski genuine topaz with princess cut in Misty Rose


We can’t deny that a Flawless D diamond still takes the throne, but through Swarovski Gemstones’ innovation, their refreshing take on the champagne-coloured gem reminds us of “sun-kissed romanticism” an elegant femininity like roses and diamonds all rolled into one.