Andrea Fohrman’s eponymous brand, launched in 2004, has any number of jewels that evoke the spirit of California, nature, and its colour palette. “Putting together a design with the help from our natural resources from my surroundings is truly inspiring to me.”

Growing up in Marin County, Fohrman remembers a clear night sky on most nights. “I would always talk about the moon following me, while we were driving up to the house. This is how I began to design pieces that had to do with happiness and the sky.”

The LA-based designer recently launched a new collection of jewels just for men – Andrea x4Man – consisting of rings that are an extension of her Galaxy collection. “About 10 years ago, I began to carve my designs out of the stones I love – for instance, I would take malachite and make rainbows and moons and then set them with diamonds — this was the beginning of the Galaxy collection.”

The Andrea x4Man rings is an evolution of the Galaxy range – what made you draw upon the Galaxy jewels?
I have designed men’s engagement rings for special orders for years – it has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time and now is a better time than ever! I have always wanted to create jewellery for men and I was so excited to launch this during the Pride month.

What sort of gap in men’s jewellery are you aiming to fill? What styles might you add later to Andrea x4Man?
I want to target those men who wish to express their individuality through fashion. But I also want this collection to be gifted to men so that they can experience what it feels like when someone you love gifts you with jewellery. There has been an increase of interest to bridal alternatives, and I want to also provide grooms with alternative jewel options.

In this collection, you’ve used stones other than the often-seen turquoise, lapis lazuli, etc. What drew you to the Azurite Malachite?
What fascinates me most about Azurite Malachite stones is not only the vibrant colours of blue and green, but that Azurite is also known as a stone of heaven. It will give you an insight in all areas of your life, and stimulate creativity. Malachite is known to help with emotional healing and allowing your spirit to fly free.

On the home front, how have you been spending time?
We recently added a new member to our family, Leon, a Sheppard mix rescue puppy. Days at home now include training and tending to Leon. I also love cooking for my family, and so about five days a week, I am creating different meals for each because everyone is so particular. I should have never allowed myself to become the short order cook – but that is now my title!

How is your business faring in these challenging times – are you relying on social media to reach out to clients?
Luckily, with social media, I am able to stay connected with my clients and audience by continuing to share new and available product. My customers and fans of the line seem so much more reachable and I hope they feel the same way – we are all in this together and you can definitely feel it when talking to anyone during this time.

What do you love most about working with local artisans?
I work with my local jeweller – we sit and create new pieces together and then I have jewellers in downtown LA who make the reproduction pieces. It is nice to keep it local and you can definitely feel that now – we all want to support and create together at home, here in Los Angeles.

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