Think jewellery, and what comes to mind are necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. In recent years, variations of these have emerged — even new creations — accessories like chokers, body chains, ear crawlers, nose rings and face jewels. But at Calvin Klein and Chloé’s Spring 2016 presentations, something else glinted in the spotlight.


Quieter than this season’s statement earrings but equally apparent, the anklet is making a comeback and fast becoming summer’s accessory of choice. But today’s iterations aren’t the ’90s kitschy sort with animal baubles hanging off or the friendship bracelet string variety.


At Calvin Klein, skimpy silk frocks and white slip-on sneakers are paired with heavy gold chain-link ankle straps. While at Chloé, models slipped their feet into rainbow, knotted or mesh sandals and wore fine gold chains with dainty charms dangling from their ankles.


My mention of footwear is important, because when it comes to accessorising, it’s often not just about what item you wear, but how you’re wearing it. With anklets, they can easily be passed for a fancy strap or design details of your shoes. the key is to stick with pieces that are delicate or rich.


Take Lionette x Sincerely Jules’ Malibu anklet, or Rosantica’s tasselled and quartz piece. When matched with slides or mules, the combination works just as well in the office as at weekend brunch on the beach. But if you reach for footwear that already have extra elements like bows or buckles, choose simple chains like Kismet by Milka’s 5 Diamonds anklet or IAM by Ileana Makri’s gemstone evil eye design. Subtle and playful, this throwback accessory will lend a spring to your step.