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Colour, tradition, and cultural nuances come together in Dehres’ brand new jewellery collection for the Year of the Rat

For jewellery brand Dehres, their mission is to elicit joy through beautiful, rare, and artistic jewellery creations. And for 2020, the Year of the Rat, the jewellery brand has launched a magnificent collection that will draw out more than just joy from the wearer – it celebrates the nuances of Chinese tradition as well.

Earrings: 22 pieces of oval, round and pear shape Brazilian paraibas; totaling 3.70 carats. 10 pieces of small pear shape fancy pink diamonds totaling half carat; 24 pieces of pear and round shape white diamonds totaling 4.50 carats

The range, which is comprised of rings, earrings, and bracelets, goes beyond focusing on typical Chinese motifs, which one might immediately expect given its timely Chinese New Year launch. Instead, Dehres’ talented designers honed in on the integration of old and new, creating a delicate balance that will appeal to wearers of various ages.

Earrings: 2 pieces of cushion shape no clarity enhancement Columbian emerald; totaling over 3 carats; 10 pieces of small pear shape whtie diamonds (D-F, VVS1-VS1), totaling near 4 carats

Bracelet: 14 pieces of oval shape Burma ruby, totaling 12 carats; 31 pieces of round shape small diamonds (D-F, VVS1-VS2), totaling 3 carats, 518 pieces of small round shape single cut diamonds (D-F, VVS1-VS2), totaling 3.80 carat

An important element this collection focuses on is the colour scheme. With green being an auspicious colour for the Year of the Rat, expect a few statement pieces that prominently feature both Colombian and Zambian emeralds. Where tradition is concerned, you will also find red and gold through the use of delicious gemstones like rubies and yellow diamonds. And as a nod to Dehres’ signature colour, turquoise, select pieces are festooned with gorgeous Paraibas.

Ring: 1 piece of radiant shape fancy intense yellow diamond (VS2), weighing 2.50 carats; 74 pieces of small round shape fancy intense yellow diamonds (VVS1-VS2), totaling near half carat; 9 pieces of small pear and marquise shape white diamonds (D-F, VVS1-VS1); totaling near 1.50 carats

Ring: 1 piece of round shape Zambian vivid green emerald, weighing 2.70 carats; 270 pieces of small round shape white diamonds, (D-F, VVS1-VS2), totaling 3 carats

Finally, with regards to design and aesthetics, these jewellery pieces take their cue from the traditional art of Chinese paper-cutting, resulting in a delicate look that’s embedded with floral accents, as well as geometrical shapes. And as mentioned earlier, the “new” comes into play through angular forms that call to mind the rising (and ever evolving) skyline of China’s great cities.

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