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A closer look at the inspiring collaboration between jeweller Simone Ng and international jewellery insider Katerina Perez


When two women with an understanding and passion for jewellery meet, inspiring things are bound to happen. So when Simone Ng of Simone Jewels met jewellery insider Katerina Perez, it paved the way for a jewellery capsule collection that ticks all the right boxes – dreamy, feminine, beautifully designed, and most importantly, perfect for daily wear.

“I admire Katerina’s work online and on social media. I’ve been following her on Instagram for quite some time prior to meeting her. I love how she presents and writes about jewellery because it comes from the heart and everything is very real,” reveals Simone. “After meeting her in London, I discovered that not only does she truly understand the art of jewellery, she’s a warm and down-to-earth person too.” With a smile, Katerina shares, “Simone and I officially met at the IJL exhibition in London about three or four years ago, but I first came across her brand and jewellery online. Even though I only saw the jewellery pieces through pictures, I immediately knew how artistic Simone is.”

When asked what inspired this jewellery collaboration, Simone says, “There is a lot of beautiful jewellery out there, but we wanted to create an accessible collection with elements of high jewellery. With Katerina’s suggestions and expert opinion, I designed the pieces in a way that uses hand-carved gems, juxtaposed with recycled gold. I was also inspired by her message of reaching for the stars, so you can see that the designs are quite celestial”. Katerina adds, “Both of us have the same message for women with this range – jewellery should be worn and enjoyed! You could also say that this collaboration was a natural development of our friendship.”

With regards the creative process, Simone says that at the heart of it, the collaboration was surprisingly revelatory. “Through this exercise, I learned even more about Katerina. We share the same values. She’s very efficient especially since she’s a mum, a career woman, and a jetsetter – and I can relate to that because I’m like that as well. Through a collaboration like this, all these traits really reflect in the product too.”

As you take in the fluid, organic design of the rings and earrings, it’s easy to get distracted by the stunning sapphires, aquamarines, and topaz, as well as hand-carved chalcedony, rock crystal, and mother-of-pearl. But as soon as you slip them on, you’ll also realize how easy they are to wear and that they complement women with different lifestyles and backgrounds. “We made a conscious effort to make sure the pieces are comfortable. I’m glad we achieved that after hearing the feedback some customers gave us. They said that they we very surprised that the pieces felt so comfortable and natural on the finger and on the ear,” says Simone.

After its initial launch in Singapore, the two ladies will be bringing the Simone x Katerina Perez collection to London in 2020. “London is our next stop, which is also where Katerina is based. The collection is not widely available, so Singapore has a fixed number of pieces and so will London,” adds Simone. “It’s definitely not going to be mass produced. It’s very special,” concludes Katerina.

The Simone Jewels x Katerina Perez capsule collection is available for purchase online at

Words by Anton D. Javier
Photography by Chino Sardea
Shot on location at Grand Park City Hall