Get a glimpse of French-Filipino pearl jewellery brand Jewelmer Joaillerie‘s stunning pieces at their pop-up store, “Journey of a Pearl: Jewelmer”, located at the ground floor of Isetan Department Store on Orchard Road this week, March 10 to 16. From dainty rings to spectacular neckpieces, the collection is meant to showcase and introduce to the Singapore market the brand’s exceptional fine jewellery made of sustainably produced South Sea pearls.


Illusion Necklace

Mon Secret leather stack

(FROM LEFT) Babptiste Sablon and Sebastien Honore

Bollicine necklace

Cocktail ring from Zen collection


Among the highlights is the Illusion necklace featuring exquisite gold and brilliant diamonds with an impressive golden South Sea pearl as centre stone. Classic strands of golden South Sea pearl necklaces and pearl studs from Les Classiques collection, and colourful bracelets made of leather and pearls from the Mon Secret collection are also available. On hand are Sebastien Honore and Baptiste Sablon, Jewelmer’s International Sales, to not only assist customers but also educate them on the “journey” of a pearl — from state-of-the-art pearl farms in Palawan, Philippines, to production and design.


Cover image: Madame de Pompadour necklace

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