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Neck adornment is more complex than one may think. Necklaces work to attract attention, but also to conceal a flaw or flaunt an asset. One neck piece in particular deserves the spotlight, not only because of its sheer size, but the creativity it brings out both in the designer and the wearer. The open collar necklace holds a category all its own.


Damiani (image opener)

Damiani’s Masterpiece necklace is crafted in white gold with a striking array of gemstones. The chromatic effect of the peacock’s feathers has been masterfully recreated with over 3,500 emeralds and an equal quantity of sapphires, totalling 18.55 carats. The attention to detail, well-balanced proportions, and skilful execution make this piece as alluring as the feathers of a peacock. The open-back frame of white gold set with feathers covered in gemstones captures the eye with an explosion of colours.




Jewelmer Joaillerie

Jewelmer Joaillerie goes for an abstract look in this graphic necklace composed of three golden South Sea cultured pearls set in 18k yellow gold and decorated with diamonds. The brand’s craftsmanship and deep connection with humanity bring all the unique creations to life. Nature’s own miracles are translated into the universal language of beauty, which speaks to all.






When Boucheron first premiered the “Question Mark” necklace in 1889, shaped as a flower and named after its shape, it has made sure to showcase open neckrings in most of its grand collections. The reinterpretations have been countless. From the Bleu de Jodhpur collection, the Fleur de Lotus necklaceis set with rubellites, sapphires, and diamonds — perfectly imitating the lotus petals.






With a clever mingling of traditional and modern techniques, Chopard continues to present a very rich, colourful look with their collar necklaces. This haute joaillerie necklace is made of 18k white gold and titanium and set with a 14ct drop-shaped tanzanite, sapphires, amethysts, rubies, rubellites, and Paraïba tourmalines in several different cuts.






Inspired and individualistic, Sutra’s emerald collar from the Colombian Emerald Collection is made of 18k white gold featuring a total of 19ct emeralds and 51ct diamonds. Created with the modern woman in mind, the Colombian Emerald Collection evokes architectural genius centred on the rarity of exotic gemstones to create femininity and elegance translated into wearable art.





Simone Jewels

Within a combination of classic sophistication and a hint of avant-garde modernism, the Yasmin Le Belle necklace from Simone Jewels is made of 18k white gold featuring a certified unheated 22.77ct violet tanzanite, a 2.90ct Colombian light-green emerald, and 419 diamonds (totalling 5.562 carats). The eye-catching minimalist design is very much defined by the gemstones.