Calla Lily’s bejeweled masterpieces are unlike any other, perfect for those who are in the market for jewellery that they can truly call their own

Perhaps the first thing one will notice from Calla Lily’s jewellery creations is that there is always an element of surprise – from the most intricate of details and unexpected kinetic features to the selection of brilliant coloured gemstones.

This holiday season, we shine the spotlight on the bespoke fine jeweller’s one-of-a-kind creations, as well as unique readymade pieces. Not only are they festive and fabulous, they make for perfect heirlooms with the combination of quality craftsmanship and identity.

Emily Tan, founder and creative lead, Calla Lily

“I move quite easily from minimalist and subtle to highly ornate, inspired by the complex twists and flows of nature. However, where we end up always depends on the client and what best suits them,” shares Emily Tan, Calla Lily’s founder and creative lead.

All About Bespoke
Whether it’s something simple and meaningful or intricate and specific, Calla Lily’s bespoke jewellery speaks volumes. What results are highly original pieces that take inspiration from practically anything – whether a sweet treat or heavenly bodies.

18K white and natural white gold ring setting for: Hot Pink Spinel  (round brilliant cut, 1pc, 2.07cts), Red Spinel (round brilliant cut, 1pc, 0.05cts), Pink Spinel (round brilliant cut, 2pcs, 0.03cts)

One example is the fun Deconstructed Strawberry Ice Cream Ring, where a hot pink Spinel portrays a scoop of strawberry ice cream, precariously perched atop a deconstructed crispy waffle cone.

18K white and natural white gold ring setting for: Faceted Moonstone (octagon cut, 1.09cts), Diamonds (round brilliant cut, 25pcs, 0.21cts), Mix Sapphires (round brilliant cut, 4pcs, 0.05cts), Onyx

18K white and yellow gold ring setting for: Forest green Tourmaline (cushion cut, 8.76cts), Opals (5pcs, 0.49cts), Pink Sapphires (round brilliant, 30pcs, 0.53cts), Diamonds (arrow cut, 2pcs, 0.22cts), Mother of Pearl (5pcs)

Meanwhile, celestial inspirations are realised in the Midnight Moonstone Ring and Big Bang Star Ring. The former calls to mind the moon glistening in the midnight sky, while the latter celebrates the beginning of the universe, where an intergalactic experience takes place within the central forest green tourmaline.

Ready To Go
For those who insist on ready-to-wear pieces yet still want something unique that’s unavailable elsewhere, Calla Lily’s readymade pieces are ripe for the picking. These captivating earrings feature vividly coloured gemstones and distinct shapes that draw inspiration from vintage jewellery, geometry, and the ever-popular Art Deco period.

Interlooping frame earring studs in yellow and white 18K  gold with Tanzanites (cushion cut, 2pcs, 3.03cts), 18K white gold earring jackets with Diamonds (marquise cut, 8pcs, 0.62cts and round brilliant, 6pcs, 0.06cts), 18K white gold wands with Tanzanites (no heat treatment, octagon cut, 2pcs, 1.20cts) and Diamonds (rose cut, round brilliant, 2pcs, 0.18cts)

A mix of yellow and white 18K gold Mother-of-Pearl Earring Studs with: Yellow Sapphires (round brilliant, 8pcs, 0.22cts), Diamonds (baguette cut, 10pcs, 0.36cts), Diamonds (round brilliant, 2pcs, 0.03cts), Mandarin Garnet Earring Pendants with:Mandarin Garnets (pear cut, 2pcs, 2.99cts), Diamonds (baguette cut, 2pcs, 0.06cts), Diamonds (round brilliant, 24pcs, 0.07cts)


18K rose and white gold, Tsavorite Garnets (cushion cut, 2pcs, 1.69cts), Malaia Garnets (cushion cut, 2pcs, 2.44cts), Malaia Garnets (round brilliant cut, 2pcs, 0.39cts), Diamonds (tapered baguette cut, 4pcs, 0.16cts), Diamonds (baguette cut, 8pcs, 0.19cts), Diamond (round brilliant cut, 12pcs, 0.06cts)

Hailing from the ‘Bloom’ collection, the Interlooping Petal Earrings, Mother-of-Pearl Fan Earrings, and Vintage Shield Earrings are versatile statement pieces that can be worn for various occasions with detachable elements that immediately transforms their overall look.

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