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Bliss necklace with 134 round diamonds in 18K white and rose gold

Singapore-based Carat 55 believes in fashion-forward jewellery that requires minimalist styling. “Our pieces seek to bridge the gap between fine and fashion jewellery,” says the studio’s founder and designer, Zoie Teo. “They are imbued with a strong narrative and fine quality and are offered at affordable price points.”

Although positioned as a bridal jeweller that offers engagement, bridal, and dowry sets, the brand enjoys creating adorable collections to mark ‘life’s precious moments’. Their Bespoke and Bliss collections exemplify this by allowing clients to personalise jewellery pieces that celebrate life’s milestones.

The Bespoke collection features customisable name bracelets, necklaces, rings, or even pins — giving an array of design options, from various shades of gold to diamonds or gemstones. The Bliss collection, on the other hand, features miniature figures of boys and girls embellished with diamonds to symbolise fond childhood memories. With a great desire to provide the perfect personalised gift for a loved one, Carat 55 not only offers jewellery, but memories and stories materialised into jewels that last a lifetime.

Carat 55 Signature engagement ring with a 1.03ct radiant-cut diamond and round diamonds in 18K rose gold

Zoie says bespoke design is an important part of the brand’s repertoire: “We work closely with our clients to create pieces that are inspired by their dreams and personalities, while infusing our characteristic styling drawn from international jewellery fashion trends.”

Among the brand’s best-selling bridal collections include the Stella and Luna sets — the latter highlighting a halo of sparkling diamonds with an adjustable drop chain design for the set’s earrings and necklace. “These are designed to fit seamlessly into a bride’s everyday wardrobe, and to be enjoyed long after the wedding ceremony is over,” Zoie says. The brand’s contemporary styling ensures that the sets do not end up in a vault, but are worn as everyday essentials. Most of the pieces are designed to be versatile and worn in many ways — to be modified, layered, or stacked with other pieces.

Luna earrings in 18K rose gold and round diamonds

With more than just engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal or dowry sets, and milestone gifts on offer, the brand also features unique and niche collections, catering to everyone, not just couples. From high-tech ceramic and gold jewellery to Italian handmade and hand-painted pet pendants, Carat 55 is a one-stop shop for jewellery essentials.

As she continues to diversify the range on offer, Zoie is pleased that she is seeing her dream of making Carat 55 the recognised go-to jeweller for bridal and every-day jewellery come true.

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