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Stunning pearl jewellery for the modern bride

Pearls have one of the most fascinating histories among all gems. From the dark ages where they were believed to have magical power of protection, to the Renaissance where laws were put in place to prohibit common people from wearing them, pearls have gone through so much. Yet their captivating beauty remains the same and, to this day, is being revered by many.

mikimoto diamond earrings and necklace
Jeux de Rubans earrings and necklace in 18K white gold, Akoya pearls, and diamonds, MIKIMOTO

Because of their delicate, natural, and pure nature — and despite the popular superstition in some cultures that pearls represent tears and should never be worn on a wedding day — pearl jewellery is traditionally a favourite bridal accessory. Just like the much-adored white wedding gown of today, pearls represented virtue and purity, especially in ancient cultures.

Although in the past years, diamonds and — with the rise of the ‘customisation and personalisation marketing’ to cater to millennials — even coloured gemstones have been more popular among younger brides, pearls never really went out of style. And this year, as proven by The Lyst Index 2019 Wedding Report, these classics are making a comeback. According to the popular global fashion search platform, pearl earrings and diamond tiara are among the most-searched bridal items online.

As they say, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls are the queens of gems. We speak to three of the most sought-after fine pearl jewellery brands to find out their latest bridal offerings.


Mikimoto diamond and gold necklace
Bloom Collection necklace in 18K white gold, Akoya pearls, and diamonds, MIKIMOTO

According to Crystal Leung, Marketing Manager of Mikimoto, the simplicity and lustre of pearls are flattering on the skin, making these natural gems a favourite among brides. “Ladies look radiant when they wear pearls because these gems exude a glowing, iridescent effect.”

The misconception about these classic gems, however, is that they’re not modern enough for the younger brides. “Generally, some people might have this idea that pearls are traditional jewellery, not contemporary enough,” shares Crystal. “But we have more trendy designs which are suited for women’s contemporary lifestyle.” One of which is the Jeux de Rubans collection inspired by the well-loved ribbons.

“Pearls are the easiest to match with any outfit,” adds Gerald Chia, Sales and Marketing Manager of Mikimoto in Singapore. “Probably every single item in our boutiques could be suitable for bridal items. M Collection, Day & Night, and Jeux de Rubans are few of our latest collections that are well-perceived by the market.”


  1. Elaborate pearl jewellery pieces can enhance a simple evening gown, while a simple choker strand can bring out the intricate design of the gown.
  2. The hairdo will play a role in emphasising the bride’s features. If she wears an updo hairstyle, dangling earrings will be a good option.
  3. Choosing good quality pearls from reputable jeweller is important.


Jewelmer pearl earrings and necklace bridal
Model wearing Les Classiques stud earrings and Madame de Pompadour necklace, all from JEWELMER

Known for its stunning golden South Sea pearls, French-Filipino luxury jeweller, Jewelmer, believes that pearls are the ultimate symbol of love and fortune, representing femininity and fertility.

“The pearl has been worn by history’s celebrated figures,” says a spokesperson of the brand. “It has been seen as a symbol of luck, protecting its wearer from harm. It has similarly been used for spiritual awareness, promoting harmony and balance.”

Pearl earrings and necklace and ring jewelmer
Model wearing Swan earrings, Les Classiques strand necklace, engagement ring and wedding band, all from JEWELMER

For the bridal season, Jewelmer’s Les Classiques collection is among young brides’ favourites, with its classic and understated elegance. The Madame de Pompadour necklace echoes the feminine form with brilliant swirls and undulating lines, highlighting the elegance of diamonds and golden South Sea pearls.

“Jewelmer’s bridal selections evoke the golden light in every woman: from the blushing brides and bridesmaids, to their mothers who came before them,” says the brand. “A wedding, after all, is a celebration of love. It is here that a golden South Sea pearl becomes a personal memento, a gem to mark and remember a milestone.”


  1. South Sea gems last a lifetime and can be passed on from one generation to another.
  2. Pearl creations serve as an heirloom piece that can be treasured forever.
  3. Pearls easily match various wedding dress designs and themes.
  4. For an elegant bridal look, choose from classic pieces, like studs and strands.


wedding bands, bridal, atlas pearls
Wedding bands from the bridal collection, ATLAS PEARLS

Inspired by popular Bali beach weddings, where sun, sea, and romance collide, Australian fine pearl jeweller Atlas Pearls’ new bridal collection is all about laidback and versatile elegance.

“People come from around the world to get married under Bali’s skies,” shares Pierre Fallourd, managing director of Atlas Pearls. “We’ve created a collection with pieces that are transformable, convertible, and interchangeable. Many of our bridal crowns can be worn as a necklace after the wedding.” Also among the collection are his & hers wedding bands and engagement rings, ready for last-minute proposals.

Atlas Pearls, wedding band and ring, engagement
Models wearing Atlas Pearls’ wedding band and engagement ring

The extraordinary shine and brilliance of a South Sea pearl, especially one that is very rich and has a lot of depth, makes it an ideal accessory for the bride. “In Western cultures, pearls are often the symbol of pure love, and their shine is said to enhance and raditate the beauty of the bride,” adds Pierre. “In some cultures it is said to infuse divine love and help to understand the power of true love.”


  1. Whether you choose hair accessories or a more traditional pendant and drop earring, the pearl is a perfect complement to your wedding ensemble.
  2. When a woman wears pearls, we notice her beauty more, as opposed to when she wears diamonds, which keep our eyes away from the woman.
  3. After the wedding, wear your pearls. They shine even more when worn daily, not just during special occasions.


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