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Designer of the Month: Der Mond

Founded in 1992, Thailand-based jewellery brand Der Mond is noted for its traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques. At its helm is Marketing and Creative Director, Sirapat Pipatveeravat, whose parents, Soonthorn and Saisamorn Pipatveeravat, established the brand 25 years ago.

Sirapat Pipatveerava, Marketing & Creative Director of Der Mond

Der Mond has always prided itself on creating elegant diamond pieces that are both timeless and trendsetting. Their diamond and gold clutches line, one of their specialty collections, is doing well in the market. “The jewellery clutches are our signature line. But because of the time and craftsmanship required to create a single piece, we have only made 15 of these in the past three years,” shares Pipatveeravat.

Glamour Night Clutch

Last fall, to mark the opening of the new boutique at Siam Paragon, Pipatveeravat presented a new collection that draws upon nine inspirations as varied as the colour of gemstones, Art Deco period, dancing fountains, and the French gardens. The recently launched Fireworks collection comprises 11 fluid pieces, with the Grand Firework Bracelet stealing the spotlight. A tribute to the splendour of diamonds, the one-of-a-kind high jewellery bracelet features more than 314 elements, taking over three months to craft. The design utilised the traditional technique of tying together gold threads to form a fluid piece of jewellery. “The collection was inspired by the sparkle of fireworks. It is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about festive celebrations,” says Pipatveeravat.

Garden á La Francaise earrings

Garden á La Francaise bracelet

A fourth generation jeweller, Pipatveeravat — who studied architecture and business management — joined the family business in 2012. “I remember often listening to my parents talk about jewellery design, trends, and what sets apart a fine-made jewellery,” he recalls. After cutting his teeth in the design department, he joined the management team two years ago.

Looking back at the design evolution of the brand in the past 25 years, Pipatveeravat says they have grown a lot. “Over time, our style has gained more focus, and we now have a much better understanding about our clients. We think about what they like, and how we could make jewellery that appeals to them.” However, as creators, he knows that he and his team need to continually challenge themselves by exploring new designs and techniques.

Absolute Deco ring

Absolute Deco bangle

Trends often influence jewellery, and Pipatveeravat agrees. “We always check on trends, not only in jewellery but also in lifestyle. But what’s more important to us is our inherent style. We only adopt select trends that blend in with our design ethos. Most importantly, we ensure that our jewellery represents our motto, ‘Art and Value Through Eternity’.

Der Mond’s forte lies in the attention to detail. “Jewellery is an art, a collectible piece. So every detail must be perfect,” he says. A number of stunning collections, Absolute Deco, The Embroidery, The Chic Ring, The Moon and Garden à la Française, all reaffirm Der Mond’s commitment to creating graceful and exciting new designs.


This article was originally published in Solitaire 90, The Colours Edition.