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Dilys’ forges ahead with a redefined showroom space, as well as an expanded online presence through a partnership with 1stDibs

Change waits for no one, especially if the time is right and the stars align. And even as the world today faces adversity, the House of Dilys’ – which is led by mother-daughter duo, Dilys Young and Pearl Li – went ahead and boldly embraced change that is sure to leave a mark on the brand’s history.

In May 2020, Dilys’ launched Room 2305, its redefined showroom space. The place calls to mind an intimate living room and is designed for an exclusive clientele seeking a warm yet private experience in viewing the brand’s creations, in addition to creating their own commissioned bespoke pieces.

On top of the physical space, Dilys’ expands its online presence too with the launch of its designer fine jewellery, as well as a taste of its bespoke service, through a partnership with 1stDibs, an esteemed luxury online marketplace that is headquartered in New York.

Dilys’ Diamond Bracelet in 18K White Gold

According to Pearl Li, Head of Brand Development at Dilys’, “As a private bespoke fine jeweller, we understand that the challenge of increasing accessibility is the risk of losing exclusivity. As a brand that looks to move and grow with out clientele, we are learning every step of the way. It will be all about catering to different needs on different channels, which will mean providing a distinct experience depending on the type of presence, all the while still being consistently and effervescently Dilys’: High-quality, flexible, and beautiful.”

Celebrating this online venture are exclusive pieces, such as two exceptional Dilys’ timepieces – a favourite collectible amongst its discerning clients. There is also an intricate diamond bracelet inspired by lace, which is a motif rooted in the brand’s original design identity.

Dilys’ Ruby and Diamond Watch in 18K White Gold

Dilys’ Diamond Watch in 18K Gold

Speaking about the one-of-a-kind pieces, Dilys Young, Founder and Creative Director at Dilys’ says, “It always warms my heart when my clients collect and wear my watches like works of art. Designing and crafting fine jewellery watches is almost like a passion project at Dilys’. We spend around four to six months perfecting one timepiece in-house and each and every one has stood the test of time.”

With these changes set in place, it will hopefully reshape Dilys’ future as a bespoke fine jeweller – one that will not be bound to the traditional concepts of presence and exclusivity in the world of luxury.

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