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In spite of her status in the industry, Dilys Young, the founder and designer of Hong Kong bespoke fine jewellery brand Dilys’, remains humble and unassuming — traits that endear her to her patrons, both local and international.

“In our own quiet way, we are trailblazers,” shares Dilys. Her bold use of diverse and unique precious gemstones, which caught the designer’s eye early on, has expanded the appreciation for different precious gemstones amongst her clients and other jewellers. “Over the years, I have witnessed the rise in value of the stones that I started to use much earlier on, including the beautiful Paraiba gems from Brazil.” Never one to follow trends, Dilys doesn’t conform to what’s in demand in the market: “We only create the most unique and wearable designs for women who appreciate pieces that are different and truly special.”

Transformable tiara necklace in natural jadeite jade, ruby, blue sapphire, and diamond set in 18K white gold

An ode to the multi-faceted modern woman, Dilys’ latest offering is a stunning transformable tiara necklace. “Throughout history, crowns were used to honour conquerors, warriors, royalty, and brides, to symbolise honour, love, or victory,” shares Dilys, believing that successful modern women deserve a coronation of their own. “The modern woman today seems to be able to take on all of these roles, capable of displaying both strength and vulnerability.”

Made with natural jadeite jade, ruby, blue sapphire, and diamond set in 18K white gold, the transformable tiara necklace is designed with a clever mechanism and secure composition of intricate parts. “The tiara necklace is a showpiece exhibiting the extent in craft, attention to detail and functionality that Dilys’ is capable of. I also wanted to create a modern Chinese Qing Dynasty- influenced version of the crown that breaks the preconceptions of what crowns should look like, with the wide use of jade in the piece.” The result is a mix of different cultures, influences, and backgrounds, much like a modern woman of today.

As a self-made woman herself, Dilys is drawn to stylish and elegant women she designs for, sometimes creating jewellery with a particular woman in mind — a process that’s very personal to her and to her client. “I would imagine her personality, appetite for life and style, then think of different ways to bring elements of that into my design, mainly through my love for playing with different colours and materials.” Travel, art, and culture are also very important sources of inspiration. “Refreshing ideas only come when we open up our minds and hearts to them.”

Dilys also believes in the importance of having consistency in their designs, but this doesn’t stop her from pushing her boundaries in order to create new and interesting pieces for her clients. “This comes quite naturally to us because we always prioritise the importance of the diverse materials in our every design. We are able to blend design with the unique feeling each precious gemstone gives us.”

Practicality is another trait close to the designer’s heart. “Modern woman understands not only the beauty behind our fine jewellery designs, but also the investment value of the right pieces,” enthuses Dilys. “There is a misconception that an ‘investment’ means you leave it in the safe and wait for its value to rise. To make the most out of investment-worthy jewellery pieces, you must wear them, flaunt them, and give them life.”

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