Nicole Kidman on her favourite jewellery and dressing up for the red carpet


Nicole Kidman wearing Harry Winston high jewellery and the new Omega Constellation Manhattan watch


In the past 20 years that I’ve known Nicole Kidman, I’ve never really seen her dressed down. Her outfit is always event-appropriate, her jewellery on point, her hair coiffed to perfection, her makeup flawless. And she is always, always in stilettos.


“My Mom always said, never wear sweatpants outside the house. I’ve broken that rule, but I try not to. My daughters are real girly girls, and part of the rule for picking them up from school is that I wear a dress. I showed up once in my workout outfit and my youngest was mortified.”


Because of her statuesque figure, Nicole can easily fit into the actual runway garments. Her stylist, Julia von Boehm, notes, “We don’t need a replica for her — she even fits into the couture, which means I don’t have to limit myself to just the celebrity pieces a designer offers.”

In her latest film, Destroyer, Nicole plays a dangerous, leather-jacket-wearing, angry detective. But in real life, she is a sweetheart and a favourite muse to many designers, from Galliano to Lagerfeld to McQueen, Armani and Miuccia Prada.


Winston Cluster diamond chandelier earrings featuring 23.52ct diamonds, set in platinum, which Nicole wore to the Oscars last year, HARRY WINSTON


How would you describe your relationship with fashion? 

Fashion has such power. I’ve always loved fashion. I love embracing it. It’s rare that I get to really dress up. Trust me, I don’t dress up at home. So when there’s a chance to dress up like at Cannes, I embrace it. I love doing it and it’s fun. I also love the designers. I love that they care so much.


Did you always love to dress up or did it come with the job?

I grew up with a grandmother and a mother who loved clothes. There are dreams attached to fashion. When it’s presented in a way where you go “wow!” it just makes you feel good. It allows me to express what I’m feeling, like I want to wear that because that’s actually my rebellion right now. Or that’s my way of fitting in. Or it’s my way of saying no. Or it’s my way of saying I’m different.


Is there any guideline when you pick a gown for a red carpet?

Absolutely! I have to feel relaxed in it. I also want to be able to dance. That’s an important rule for a dress — to be able to dance. Or at least wiggle.


Nicole Kidman at the Golden Globes, wearing Harry Winston high jewellery and a Michael Kors gown

Image courtesy of Harry Winston/Getty Images


What would fit in that tiny evening bag that you carry on the red carpet?

My phone — because my girls must have access to me any time, and I should be able to call or text them, a lip gloss, a Kleenex, and a granola bar or some snack because these award ceremonies are so long and I don’t want to starve.


A tiny perfume bottle?

I fluctuate in terms of perfumes and bags. I tend to make my own perfumes. I mix up oils. I don’t have them on today because I forgot to bring them.


How do you pick jewellery for the red carpet?

I tend to pick what’s right for the dress. I love jewellery and I think it can actually make a red carpet moment.


Round brilliant diamond Cluster ring in 4.73ct diamonds set in platinum, HARRY WINSTON


What’s your favourite stone?

Diamonds, definitely. Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend.


What was the most expensive piece of jewellery that you’ve ever worn? Were you nervous that you may lose it?

About $4M worth of diamonds, but sometimes I don’t even know the worth. A lot of times I have a security guard following me around for the whole evening. I feel relieved when I get to give them back.


Do you have personal favourite pieces that you always wear?

My 10-year anniversary diamond ring from Harry Winston, which my husband gave me. It’s really beautiful.


Nicole Kidman wears an Omega watch


What the piece of jewellery that must always travel with you?

I always wear a watch from Omega. I like using a watch to tell the time instead of my phone because it keeps me from becoming too obsessed with technology.


For regular day, what kind of jewellery do you wear?

I tend to not wear a lot, just my wedding ring and a diamond cross. Both my daughters also have each, and we all wear them around our necks, and they keep us feel linked to each other spiritually. I feel happy. I always wore diamond crosses. They remind me of my grandmother.