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Emperor Jewellery

Emperor Watch & Jewellery is a name synonymous to luxury timepieces from around the world. And in recent years, it has also carved a niche in the international jewellery landscape.

From its early beginnings as the Shing On Kee Watch Shop founded by Yeung Shing along Hong Kong’s Shanghai Street in 1942, the heritage business has grown into an empire revered for its top-notch products.

With its signature East-meets-West mantra, Emperor Jewellery — the jewellery arm of the Emperor Group — is shining the spotlight on its new high jewellery brand that showcases pieces fit for royalty, Nuò by Cindy Yeung.

Cindy Yeung, chairperson, creative director, and CEO of Emperor Watch & Jewellery

The word ‘Nuò’ is taken from the Putonghua pronunciation of the character ‘諾’, which means ‘promise’. This character is also in the Chinese name of Cindy Yeung, the chairperson, creative director, and CEO of Emperor Watch & Jewellery. Interestingly, ‘Nuò’ also represents the beautiful bond between Cindy and her daughter Jasmine Cheung, whose Chinese name also includes the character ‘諾’.

Nuò by Cindy Yeung Majestic Necklace

Growing up in the family business, the young Cindy learned the ropes of watchmaking early in life, and when the business branched out to jewellery making in the 1960s, she knew it was the beginning of a lifelong passion. In the 1990’s, Cindy took the helm of the family business and elevated the brand to new heights. For her, jewellery is a work of art where contemporary designs are borne out of traditional craftsmanship.

Nuò by Cindy Yeung is a testament to Cindy’s vision, passion, and experience over the years. Headlining the latest brand are three collections — Majestic, Splendour, and Immaculate. Among the showstoppers in these collections include a majestic diamond necklace that mimics the collar of the Chinese qipao, as well as an opulent jadeite necklace with white diamonds and red tourmaline.

Joey Yung, wearing the Emperor Jewellery X Joey Yung Heartbeat Collection

As part of Emperor’s latest offerings, the brand has also partnered with Canto-pop diva Joey Yung to design its latest Heartbeat diamond jewellery collection. Joey draws on her journey as a music and performing artist to craft exquisite pieces that inspire and evoke passion.

For more information, visit www.emperorwatchjewellery.com.