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Celebrating 75 years of devotion to elegance and luxury


In less than three decades, Cindy Yeung, CEO and Chairperson of Emperor Watch and Jewellery, has successfully put the company on the map, giving it a reputable name in the luxury watch and jewellery retail industry. Having joined the company in 1990 and embraced reins as a director in 1999, Yeung has not only given Emperor Jewellery a direction, but also a soul and its own identity.

With the company celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, its latest high jewellery collection, ‘L’Atelier Cindy Yeung’, honours the passion of this brilliant entrepreneur and the creative souls behind the group.


The collection takes inspiration from Yeung’s education, travels, and knowledge of jewellery. The pieces literally embody her experiences and memories, such as colourful butterflies from Valais and snowy landscapes of Northern Europe that have been depicted through asymmetrical placements of Azure Blue sapphires and diamonds.

“To enrich myself, I’m always travelling to different places around the world to explore new things, expand my perspectives, and seek new inspirations. From natural scenery, traditional crafts from around the world, and street art, every detail I come across in everyday life can turn into a beautiful picture in my mind, which I instil into creating jewellery that touches the heart,” shares Yeung.


The Moonlit Dancer parure takes you to a memory locked in time and space. Pearls, believed to be tears of the Moon God, clubbed with dazzling blue sapphires evoke an image of a midnight sky. The tassel pendant adds a feminine touch to the whole concept as if a girl in a skirt is dancing in the night. The inspiration behind this ensemble might be poetic, but it is also an eclectic mix of current fashion and design sensibilities at the same time.


In The Dazzling Banquet, Yeung’s artistry was fuelled by the glamorous banquets and balls of the West, especially the beautiful evening dresses that are the centre of attention of all these events. Design features like flowers, ribbons, bowknots, and the flare of a skirt paired with juicy cabochon emeralds and beaded strings are remarkable.


Just like its inspiration, the jewellery pieces are poised to make the wearer feel special at a lavish banquet.

The Glistening Snowflake set makes use of the captivating elegance of blue sapphire and the spontaneity of asymmetrical designs. “Azure blue sapphire is used as the main stone and paired with flawless white diamond. The two gemstones have always been symbols of love, and the pairing evokes a fairytale-like romance set in the snowy lands of Northern Europe,” shares Yeung.

On the other hand, Yeung’s love for vibrant colours is evident in The Fluttering Butterfly series, where she specially chose brilliant coloured gemstones to create butterfly-inspired creations that seem to flutter and come alive with every turn and twist of the wearer.

For Yeung, jewellery is more than just accessories. Every piece carries a blessing, a promise, or even a legend to be passed on to future generations.