The romance and delicacy of lace-patterned jewellery

For centuries, lace has been desired for its fragile and delicate nature. Both feminine and flirtatious, it suggests romance and mystery. Highly precious because of its delicacy, this unique theadwork provides a multitude of historical, geographical, and aesthetic references. During the Renaissance period, French, Venetian and Flemish lace rose to worldwide acclaim. Over time, lace may have ceased to be a prerogative of royalty and aristocracy, but it has remained a symbol of luxury, sensuality, and femininity.

In jewellery, the effects and patterns of lace can be achieved in several ways. Traditionally made by the smallest and most nimble of fingers, the intricate pattern is immortalised in spectacular pieces set with diamonds, rubies, and other gemstones.


These earrings are made of 18K white gold set with a total of 166 diamonds, rubies, and turquoise cabochons. Symmetrical scrolls set with diamonds hug the large turquoise drops, and rubies provide rhythm to the lace-like composition.


Inspired by the delicacy of lace with freely moving diamonds, this Happy Diamonds pendant by Chopard sparkles with every subtle movement of the wearer.

Continental Diamond

Inspired by Victorian lace, Continental Diamond brings the brilliance of diamonds and intricacy of the lace pattern in this elegant bangle. Playing on the transparency of lace, this piece features 14ct diamonds in a romantic floral design.

Kahn Jewellery

Made of 18K white gold, set with two 2ct rubies and surrounded by 5.7ct colourless diamonds, this pair of earrings is all about classic romance. The colour contrast between the rubies and the diamonds deserves a fashionable nod, too.


Lazare’s impressive Legacy Collection necklace showcases the brand’s gem-setting expertise. Channelling delicate embroidery with its open-worked design, the necklace was one of the highlights for the Larry Jewelry 50th Anniversary Limited Edition collection.

Stefan Hafner

This Novecento necklace in white gold with black and colourless diamonds is a masterpiece from the Vintage collection. The intricate lace effect features precise details, showcasing superior craftsmanship.