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Welcome envious stares with these precious amulets, designed to keep you safe not only from harm, but from fashion humdrum. In some cultures, eye talismans are used as protection against the effects of the evil eye — a curse inflicting harm onto someone. Today, the motif is used in fine jewellery, evoking mystique, singularity, and dare.


<p><em><strong>Yoko London</strong></em><br />
When paired with a hamsa, a hand-shaped amulet, the power of the evil eye is believed to be at its strongest. Yoko London’s piece incorporates the harmonious combination of the evil eye and hamsa on a diamond and sapphire charm for extra protection, creating an elegant and timeless piece. Classic and provoking, Yoko London’s 18k white gold charm featuring 10mm freshwater pearls is guaranteed to serve its aesthetic and protective purpose.</p>
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