A.M Aesthetics is committed to provide customised skin treatments based on the results of laboratory analysis and a thorough discussion of the patient’s lifestyle and skin goals. These treatments are performed in a safe and comfortable environment by highly trained and experienced professional staff.

A.M Aesthetics was founded by Dr Terence Tea, who emphasises the value of continuous education and training as the foundation of good medical service. The clinics – there are nine in highly accessible locations across Singapore – operates on a ‘fat system’ which delivers a range of high quality treatments in full capacity. Dr Tea ensures that there is no shortage of staff or shortage of skills in the A.M Aesthetics system. Every member of the team is trained in more than one area of specialisation.

Dr Terence Tea, founder of A.M Aesthetics

The group prides itself on FDA- and MOH-approved non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments administered MOH-accredited and certified MOH doctors. They employ dermatologically tested treatments, some of which include organic extracts, following their own formulation based on cutting-edge Korean skincare technology. 

Almost all of A.M Aesthetics’ treatments are customised to the client’s needs and skin conditions. This is to ensure that patients feel more confident of themselves after treatments and that their looks are enhanced rather than altered.

A.M Aesthetics clinics are located in accessible locations across Singapore.

Reliability and Stability

A.M, which stands for Accrelist Medical, is an entity under Accrelist Ltd (QZG in SGX), a public-listed medical group founded in 2019 by Dr Terence Tea, who is the chairman and CEO. 

Under the Accrelist Medical umbrella are the subsidiaries A.M Aesthetics and A.M Skincare; the former focuses on aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, while the latter on skincare treatments. 

A.M Aesthetics is a leading purveyor of a wide range of treatments, among the most in demand being HydraElite with Needleless Tranexamic Acid Whitening TreatmentINDIBA Facelift and Body, and Sylfirm X Ultimate Edition Treatment.

HydraElite with Needleless Tranexamic Acid Whitening Treatment

A mixture of Hydra Facial Treatment and Needleless Treatment


  •  Hydra Facial Factor focuses on reducing pores and oiliness of the skin
  •  Needleless Treatment helps deliver collagen and vitamins back into the skin
  •  Hyaluronic Acid increases skin hydration, making it more supple while smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles


  •  The treatment uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system. It exfoliates and hydrates the skin while ensuring painless extractions.
  •  This Vortex-Fusion in the treatment creates a vortex effect to ensure a more convenient
  •  process to dislodge and remove impurities while delivering hydrating skin solutions at the same time.


  •  FDA-approved 
  •  All age groups and skin types

INDIBA Facelift and Body

A safe, painless, and non-ablative treatment that offers deeper and faster tissue regeneration on the face or body 


  •  Reduces cellular metabolism, blood flow, and circulation 
  •  Tightens skin and makes it more supple 
  •  Reduces fat in the body 


  •  The technology generates biostimulation, vascularisation and hyperactivation in the body with a working frequency of 448 kHz 
  •  The treatment uses a patented continuous modulation, a technology that uses greater electrical intensity without increasing the tissue temperature 
  •  The process has ensured maximum precision in energy output 
  •  The treatment can also be utilised as pain management for post-treatments such as plastic surgeries or aesthetic treatments


  •  Fine-tuned to each patient’s needs and conditions


A.M. Aesthetics’ treatments are based on their own formulation from cutting-edge Korean skincare technology.

Sylfirm X Ultimate Edition Treatment

The world’s first FDA-approved micro-needling system—a pulsed and continuous wave radio frequency micro-needling system that helps combat multiple skin issues for quick results 


  •  Minimises signs of premature ageing 
  •  Remedies dull and uneven skin tone 
  •  Tackles skin conditions such as melasma, acne, and diffused redness 


  •  Uses an emerging Dual Wave RF Micro-Needling Device – an innovation of the repeated ultra-short pulse (RP) with eight of two different wave modes – Continuous and Pulsed 
  • Works deeper into the dermal layer with a single long pulse. The Continuous Wave Mode which stimulates collagen production. This leads to a wound-healing process and dermal remodelling. The Pulsed Wave Mode selectively works on multiple short pulses to help with hyperactive melanogenesis and hyper angiogenesis 
  • The energy released remains in the skin for an optimal amount of time to repair and rejuvenate the skin before any thermal damage occurs 


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