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Hong Kong’s Kahn High Jewellery is all about non-treated, conflict-free fancy colour diamonds


Diamond and emerald earrings in 18K white gold, featuring two Zambian emeralds totalling 13.89 carats


Finding a diamond is a quest in itself. Bringing out the best in a diamond is a whole new adventure that Kahn High Jewellery does so eloquently. With rare and natural precious stones, Kahn’s creations appeal to the discriminating tastes of true jewellery aficionados.

Mostly timeless with an elegant flair, Kahn’s pieces echo the elements of the Victorian as well as the modern era. The design process usually starts with a stunning master stone, and the designer’s inspirations flowing organically around it. The pieces always tell a beautiful story of the gem inspiring a design, and the design putting the master stone in its best light.

By fully understanding the market, Kahn’s team of in-house designers and jewellers makes sure that no sourcing, design, and production detail is overlooked. With Hoey Ho — Designer and Director of the brand — at its helm, the team meticulously selects non-treated, conflict-free diamonds and puts considerable thought into the design process.


18K fancy diamond ring with a fancy intense pink diamond in the centre


Today’s market demands bigger and better gems, and sourcing is becoming a challenge for most jewellery manufacturers. “Searching for top-grade materials is like finding a needle in a haystack,” shares Hoey. “Thankfully, having reputable suppliers on your side simply means having access to the best selection of high-grade, beautiful gemstones.”

Kahn sources coloured diamonds from Belgium and Israel, which are the main source centres for bigger stones; and turns to Thailand and Sri Lanka for rubies and sapphires, and Colombia for emeralds, respectively. About 100 new pieces are produced by the brand annually, with fancy colour diamonds being featured highly in its collections.

With emphasis on fancy colour diamonds in their collections, the company goes beyond the usual 4 Cs in sourcing these highly in demand stones. “Colour and clarity are the two most important factors to consider when selecting colour diamonds — the more intense the colour, the better. And then there’s also the cut and carat,” explains Hoey. “But at Kahn, we have another C that’s equally important — certificate. Our colour diamonds are GIA-certified as natural. We ensure our gems have not undergone any treatments.”


18K ruby and diamond bangle featuring eight Burmese rubies


Being receptive to market dynamics is very important to the brand, as it helps them to work towards addressing consumer needs. Strong demand from high net worth individuals from Hong Kong and mainland China is driving Hong Kong’s jewellery market. “Buyers nowadays are sophisticated and knowledgeable. They recognise the aesthetic value of the jewellery without the brand name,” observes Hoey. Consumers look for pieces that are out of the ordinary yet wearable. “They are very particular to every detail as they know the jewellery they will buy would be an heirloom piece, and can carry sentimental value to the next generation,” she adds.

Kahn High Jewellery maintains a showroom in Hong Kong and offers high-end jewellery buyers a one-on-one professional consultancy service. Clients looking for excellent stones are given design ideas on how to bring out the best in the gems.


Hoey Ho, Designer and Director of Kahn High Jewellery


Hoey Ho’s top three useful tips for diamond buyers

  1. First, it is very important that the jewellery shop where you will be buying from has a good variety of colour diamond jewellery, so you will have a better option and range of selection.
  2. Second, buy only certified pieces for 1 carat and above jewellery. Rare colour diamonds like red, blue, or pink also require a certificate even in smaller carats or sizes.
  3. And lastly, reputation is everything. Consult with a shop that has more experience and can share more information with you. They can guide you better through your purchasing journey.