On her passion for big, iconic jewellery

Fanty Soenardy wearing Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague necklace and earrings, an Hermes cuff, and a Halston Heritage green dress


A closer look at Fanty Soenardy’s Cartier and Hermes’ favourite jewellery pieces

WELL KNOWN IN THE SINGAPORE FASHION SCENE NOT ONLY FOR HER IMPECCABLE STYLE, but also for her love for fine jewellery, Fanty Soenardy exudes a rather youthful vibe in person. With her petite frame and soft demeanour, Soenardy’s appeal lies in her quiet strength — something that is also apparent in her jewellery choices. Case in point, her current favourite piece is a Bvlgari full-pavéd Serpenti necklace.


Fanty Soenardy wearing her favourite Bulgari Serpenti High Jewellery earrings, necklace and cuff, and a Philip Plein coat


Bulgari High Jewellery full-pave diamond Serpenti necklace

“I was quite hesitant to get it because it looks very big and chunky,” shares the young mum of two. “But every time I wear it, I feel it’s just perfect. I love it!” Soenardy’s style is chic, modern, and simple. “Comfort is very important for me,” she says, admitting she is obsessed with jackets, from Chanel’s to Philip Plein’s. She prefers casual designs with details that can be spotted by a true fashion aficionado. As for her jewellery preferences? Well, there’s nothing simple about them.

Do you prefer diamonds or coloured gemstones?

Certainly diamonds. I like their sparkles under the light. I feel good and feminine wearing them.

How did you get into jewellery collection?

When I was young, I started with just collecting fashion accessories. Even as a kid, I used to play with toy dangling earrings. As I grew older, I started collecting Prada and Chanel fashion accessories, then I eventually moved on to more important and mid-range fine jewellery pieces. For Bvlgari I started with the B.zero1 collection, and for Cartier, the Love Bangles. At first I got the plain ones, with the thought that maybe next time, I will get the one with a little bit of diamonds. You know, as women, we love anything that glitters. After having a lot of the daily wear pieces, I have started just buying one important piece at a time. These are more valuable pieces that I can pass down to my children.

Do you have a favourite piece at the moment?

My Bvlgari Serpenti necklace — it is mysterious and has a character. I feel confident and empowered wearing it! It’s like having a pet snake on my neck. Bvlgari created this piece just for me. This is the only set in Singapore with this kind of motif and design. I got this last year, and this year, I got the matching cuff as a Valentine gift from my husband.

How about the Cartier piece?

I went for a Cartier event in Korea and saw this piece, and I just fell in love with it. I have a lot of necklaces, but I didn’t have one that looks like a choker. When I saw this piece, I thought it was perfect for me. The story around it is pretty interesting, too. The piece is called Paris Nouvelle Vague necklace, and Paris is my favourite city. It has the charms of Paris and it always reminds me of the city. So, it is a sentimental and very personal choice for me.

What do you look for when selecting jewellery to add to your collection?

I would look at the diamond quality and craftsmanship. The reputation of the jeweller is equally very important.

Tell us the first time you fell in love with jewellery and fashion?

I was 17 when I first entered Versus boutique. I was intrigued by its fabric print and cut. I liked Versus at that time so much that it became my monthly shopping place whenever I get my pocket money from Mum.

What were the first important fashion and jewellery pieces you owned?

My black Prada dress and my Chanel necklace. My Prada black dress is classic and it will never go out of style. My Chanel pearl costume jewellery taught me how accessories can beautify an outfit.

How do you decide which jewellery to use for a particular dress and/or occasion?

Very few people know that I choose my jewellery before my dress. I simply pick the piece I like, and choose a dress to complement it. My jewellery is a great way to show my style and preference. Also, every year, to reward myself especially on my birthday, I usually get one iconic piece for myself. I usually wear it for an important event, just like a symbolic occasion for me. So after I have the piece, I would then think of the dress to match it.

So last year, you got the Bvlgari Serpenti necklace. Have you decided what to get this year?

No, not yet. I’m still looking [laughs].

What are your go-to day jewellery? Evening jewellery?

For day, it’ll be my Cartier Love bracelets. They are a gift from my husband and are a great reminder of his love to me. My favourite evening jewellery currently is Bvlgari Serpenti necklace. I like the mystery of snakes, a real beauty that radiates femininity.

What’s your favourite city for jewellery shopping?

Singapore, of course, because here I can take my time to consider the pieces. I can also get my friends to the boutique so they can give me honest comments. On top of that, I love to shop when I have a good relationship with the brands. Every year, they always remember my birthday or my anniversary, which makes me feel special and recognised. I also attend a lot of overseas events with brands, which enables me to see new collections and pick up trends.

Aside from Bvlgari, Cartier, and Chanel, what other brands do you like?

I also like Boucheron, especially their Serpent collection.

What satisfaction do you get from collecting jewellery?

I see them as an asset. Someday, these pieces will be passed on to my children. These will be a beautiful gift for them in the future.

Do you have particular pieces in mind that you would like to pass on to your daughter someday?

My Chanel Camélia High Jewellery pieces would be wonderful for her wedding. They’re feminine and classy, and I love their elegance. I’m sure my daughter would look beautiful in them.

What would be your advice to a first-time jewellery collector?

Choose something that is suitable for different occasions, preferably a classic design so that you can wear it often. You certainly want to get maximum value for your purchase.


Photography: Chino Sardea

Art Direction: Dennis V.C. Chong

Makeup: Nikki Fu

Hair: Kenneth Ong

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