London-based Leyla Abdollahi melds her Iranian roots, her “great love and appreciation for art, travel, music, fashion”, and nature with Western influences to create flamboyant, modern jewellery

“Elegant with a surrealist twist” and in a great array of colour, Leyla Abdollahi’s designs are an extension of her “inborn aesthetic with no boundaries in free-flowing creativity.” The latest creations by this award-winning jeweller includes two gorgeous earrings, wherein the gem palette is punctuated with darker hues and pearls, lending an instant wow-factor.

What inspired the hero pieces that you’ve just launched?
The Allure earrings draw influences from the curvilinear, sensual, and fluid movement from dance, which embodies aesthetic visual pleasure.

What kind of materials and gems have you worked with in these earrings?
The earrings are crafted in 18K yellow and rose gold; the gemstones are marquise and pear-cut Chrome Diopside, London Blue Topaz, and set with freshwater pearls. I also used Rhodolite and Morganite in the design.

Will you be adding more colourways to the earrings?
My idea is to play around with gemstones in different cuts and colours. That would give me the flexibility to customise these earrings to individuals tastes and according to the client’s preference for different types of gems or colours.

What inspires your line of work?
Once your imagination is broad and varied, you find inspiration all around you. Ideas constantly flow through different sources. Having a rather dynamic and vivid visual memory, anything that captivates my vision, to think beyond ordinary life, can be a source of inspiration. I tend to enjoy free-flow experiment, which stimulates and intensifies my imagination and creativity more. I reflect and translate all that inspiration into my work.

What’s new for 2020?
My latest collection was designed in 2019, which will be unveiled sometime in 2020. It’s still in the production stage, so keep an eye out for it.

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