Evil Eye Fireworks ring

A look at Suzanne Kalan’s spring time offerings

Fine jeweller Suzanne Kalan has been busy with the launch of three new collections at home in sunny Los Angeles. With life on the slow track since the outbreak of Covid-19, the designer has been inspired on all aspects of her company. The jewellery signature style is unique to Kalan’s brand and the collections have continued to grow in popularity, translating well in designs both large and small. “I absolutely love using baguettes and the drama I can create in my pieces,” she says.

This spring sees the launch of the Evil Eye Rainbow Fireworks, Inlay collections and new eternity rings on the brand’s website.

In the wake of the lockdown, how are you approaching sales and digital marketing?
We are putting as much as we can on our Instagram page. We are also working to find different avenues and platforms so we are able to communicate and show our collections to our buyers before launching it on our retail channels.

Eternity Ring with pastel gemstones

What’s new about the eternity rings? Have you also used more of rose gold and pastel gems inspired by runway trends and the spirit of the season?
I wanted to add to my ever-popular collection of eternity rings with a range of varied settings. I have used many more pastel gemstones; mostly sapphires to give the collection a spring-like feel and also perhaps more relevant was the sheer level of pastel pieces seen on the SS20 catwalks. Springtime is also notoriously a happy and fresh period made of up new beginnings and I wanted to incorporate all of these things. Recently, I’ve been very focused on my one-of-a-kind designs. I love making pieces that are unique to one person so that they can fall in love with something exclusive and special to them.

Evil Eye Fireworks earrings

Your Evil Eye Fireworks line has been hugely popular. What inspired its new avatar – the Evil Eye Rainbow Fireworks?
The original Evil Eye Fireworks with turquoise was launched in 2016. From day one, the collection was incredibly popular and one my best-sellers, so I’ve been thinking for a while how I can develop it. I thought by taking a modern twist to the traditional Middle Eastern turquoise evil eye, I could encapsulate the eye of the new collection with a dazzling use of pink and blue sapphires and emeralds surrounded by my signature use of baguette diamonds. For decades, the evil eye is said to protect against negative energy and bad luck; an iconic symbol in the Middle East and ever more popular in the West. I feel this collection is a harmonious blend between exquisite colourful gems and my love of the baguette-cut diamond.

Inlay ring

There is an element of drama in the Inlay collection that you’ve achieved through its gem setting. Tell me more.
I wanted Inlay to maintain the drama and elegance of my pieces to date, and build on my work through the use of gold bezels to add a unique setting. The pieces are striking in themselves, but the thoughtful and modern design I have incorporated elevates them  further. This a new type of setting we invented; completely unique to our brand. The stone looks like it is bezel-set, but it is actually floating in the bezel secured by prongs on the inside wall of the bezel. The gold does not cover any part of the stone, but instead, protects it and lets the light shine through the sides of the stone. This is a great setting to choose for those who are rough with their pieces, but still crave the unique, contemporary, and edgy feel that our brand encapsulates.

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