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The god of bountiful harvest, Saturn is an important deity in Roman mythology. It was said that his reign marked a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. He taught men to work and toil in order to transform earth into a terrestrial paradise.



For his first major work of art, young designer Alessandro Maria Scavia pays tribute to this great god with the Saturn’s Throne, an elegant chair-sculpture which bears the emblems of two of the icons of Italian craftsmanship, Medea Furnishings and Scavia Jewellery. At first glance, the subject of opulence and abundance is evident, with food being realistically and symbolically presented. But a closer look gives you a deeper understanding of the real essence of the fixture — hope, hard work, and optimism — the very things that Saturn wanted to instil in men. Featuring human-like legs to symbolise everyday toil, the chair has two flanking cornucopias which embody fertility and prosperity. The lush fruits and ears of wheat are all handcrafted in gold and silver, enamelled, and elaborately festooned with diamond, ruby, garnet, agate, jasper, amethyst, carnelian, and jade. The gold-lacquered French limewood frame and velvet seat are all distinctly handmade by Scavia and Medea’s artisans.


“There will never be a future of welfare and prosperity if we forget our own origins and traditions, the simplest handicraft work and the knowledge of our past,” shares Alessandro. “We must always have hope for a better future, and struggle every day to get it.”