Express your love in the most romantic ways

FOR VALENTINE’S DAY, our favourite shape once again assumes its rightful place in the limelight. Because, really, what’s more romantic than giving the love of your life a heart-shaped token? Find one that’s studded with diamonds or rubies to up the romance ante.

Whether for friends exchanging mementos or for couples sealing a commitment, these heart-shaped jewellery are as tender and unforgettable as a kiss, utterly romantic, and, of course, visually stylish.



The unique hand-made ring from Schreiner Fine Jewellery’s Haute Joaillerie collection featuring a heart-shaped 5ct fancy yellow diamond will make a flawless statement, as will the Chopard ring made of 18K white gold and titanium with a 10.4ct heat-shaped rubellite, 4ct marquise-cut diamonds, and brilliant-cut pink sapphires and diamonds.


The stunning Sparkling Heart ring from Spallanzani with a heart-cut mandarin garnet in a covered bezel setting, surrounded by diamond pavé, speaks for itself.


For an everyday wearable version, the heart is given a trendy make-over by Paloma Picasso, translating the language of love for Tiffany & Co. throughout the past decades. Her Graffiti Heart and Arrow pendant with diamonds set in 18K rose gold is a typical stylistic signature.


Noudar-Ring-ruby-stack-gold-ringFor an option to literally wear your heart on your sleeve, go for Djula’s slender heart-set diamond bracelet, or Noudar’s stackable and adjustable ring, which combines gold with a prong-set diamond and a drop-shaped ruby.


Leonori Gioielli’s White’s Rebel Heart collection features a ring made of 18K white and rose gold with a removable central heart enhanced by princess and brilliant-cut colourless diamonds. The delicate heart can be transformed into an elegant necklace, celebrating a woman’s individuality and lifestyle.


For the gentleman who has everything, including a sense of humour and a penchant for playing cards, a pair of cufflinks from Oh My Got featuring a ruby-set heart combined with a diamond-set ace of spades is sure to grant him luck at love or in the casino.