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Belford Jewellery’s latest collection flutters with happiness

Belford Jewellery’s mission is to share their love and passion for high jewellery with the rest of the world. And since 1977, it has been doing exactly that.

What began as a passionate hobby of two art-loving owners, doing private commissions for good friends and clients, gradually evolved into an award-winning bespoke fine jewellery company. Backed by a creative team led by a chief designer who has been with the brand for over 30 years, Belford has since established its presence quite firmly in Asia’s jewellery scene.

While the younger generation is geared towards fast fashion and frequent changes, discerning women and true jewellery lovers still focus on the uniqueness and character of the design – Billy Wong, General Manager, Belford Jewellery

Uniting ‘functional art with quality craftsmanship’ has been Belford’s credo. And Billy Wong, Belford’s General Manager, has been currently steering the brand’s creative radar quite effectively. “Inspiration sources are not strictly limited to the designers,” shares WongF. “We encourage the entire team to chip in on ideas during the initial brainstorming stages.”

Spring Offering

Butterfly Diamond Bracelet in 18K White Gold & Rose Gold

Butterfly, Belford’s newest collection for the season, is inspired by nature and is a perfect spring offering. “The butterfly is a very good representation of the spring season, bringing life, energy and freedom to our busy lifestyle,” says Wong.

The fine jewellery line, comprising a bracelet, earrings, ring and pendant, is embellished with mixed-cut diamonds — round brilliant, marquise, and rose-cut — and crafted in 18K white gold, rose gold and black gold to mimic a scenery of vivid butterflies flying freely in the sky.

Butterfly Diamond Pendant in 18K White, Rose & Yellow Gold

The Butterfly pendant, which can be worn as a brooch, flutter in 18K white, rose and yellow gold, adorned with 8ct marquise and round diamonds. For the earrings, two playful butterflies in 18K white and rose gold seemingly race against each other, their wings studded with round diamonds and the thorax is represented by a marquise-cut diamond.

“Recreating the fascinating curvatures and layers of this wonderful creature in a jewellery design is a fulfilling challenge,” adds Wong.

On Remaining Relevant

With the ever-changing trends and more and more discerning customers, especially the millennials whose taste in jewellery is varied and more personal, the biggest challenge is for Belford to remain relevant.

“People’s taste in jewellery has changed dramatically compared to the previous generation,” explains Wong. “With the prevalence of the Internet and online communications nowadays, the new generation is pampered with choices and information, and fashion trends shifts much more rapidly compared to the previous era.”

Butterfly Diamond Earrings in 18K White Gold & Rose Gold

While the younger generation is geared towards fast fashion and frequent changes, Wong says discerning women and true jewellery lovers still focus on the uniqueness and character of the design. “With these in mind, designs need to be special yet practical and versatile at the same time, in order to suit multiple occasions. Jewellery is created to be shown off, not stored in a safe after a single event,” says Wong.

Butterfly Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold & Rose Gold

Case in point: Belford’s Butterfly pendant takes the transformable route — the marquise and round diamond-accented pendant can also be worn as a brooch.

Belford’s showroom is on Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong. The brand also showcases its creations at private events in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore throughout the year.

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