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Insider tips for successful jewellery gifting

How do you choose the right jewellery gift to make the season much sweeter for your loved one? Women, of course, have a long list of jewels they want to own, but to find the right one can be tricky. As for the men, you want to give something that is meaningful, useful, and not too flashy. Jewellery designers and creative directors from some of the biggest jewellery brands share their two cents on the matter.


Holiday gifts are intended to be sentimental, so the best gifts are those that appeal to the specific interests or personality of the person they’re intended for. “When buying a loved one jewellery, I often ask myself, is this person outgoing or shy, do they like to be the centre of attention or more behind-the-scene type? I also ask myself, where would the person be wearing this piece, how often would they wear it? This helps me decide whether I should choose a more avant-garde or more classic design,” shares Jacob Arabo, Founder of Jacob & Co. “Since holiday gifts are also intended to be special, I lean towards colourful pieces, as they are often more memorable.”

The brand’s best buy this year is a pair of half-moon earrings with pink sapphires. “Depending on how they are worn, the earrings can be accentuated as a statement piece or can serve as an elegant adornment to a classic outfit. Either way, the pink stones add a pop of colour, appropriate for celebration,” Arabo says.


Two archetypal December motifs are that of hearts and snowflakes. “The iconic Happy Hearts Collection is a true Chopard signature. To celebrate Christmas, Happy Snowflake is a much-loved fashion feature that women will enjoy, matching their everyday mood”, says Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard.


For the season, Graff Design Director Anne-Eva Geffroy highlights the Butterfly and Bows collections. “Graff’s Butterfly and Bow collections make exquisite gifts for Christmas because of their playful, yet elegant motifs that are quintessentially Graff — every woman will delight in unwrapping them.”



For Autore and Mikimoto, it’s all about the elegance of the pearl. “For the Christmas Season, a piece of jewellery that combines lustrous South Sea pearls and dazzling diamonds and gemstones will make any woman smile,” shares Ruby Autore, the brand’s Marketing Manager. “You can never go wrong with gifting a pearl strand necklace for formal occasions, for casual fashion, or for an evening out,” agrees Mari Murota, Retail Manager at Mikimoto’s Bond Street and Harrods. “Regardless of the occasion or the style of the dress, pearl necklaces bring out the refinement and elegance of the wearer.”


Creative director of Bayco Jewels, Marco Hadjibay, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Instead of focusing on motifs, he simply recommends gifting rings. “A ring is always a perfect gift for a woman; every time she looks at her hands she will remember the special person who gave it to her”, he says.


How to find the perfect jewellery gift for the man in your life? Try navigating from the colour and the metal of his wristwatch. Does he prefer white, rose or yellow gold, or perhaps steel or platinum? Venture forth with jewellery in the same precious metal. Choose a piece of jewellery which matches his style and you get a perfect gift that he will appreciate for years to come.


For Ephraim Zion, Managing Director of Hong Kong-based House of Dehres, jewellery gifting is all about spoiling the one you love. “Make the holidays sparkle with a gift that transpires from love at first sight to last a lifetime. Go over and above to spoil that special someone and give this festive occasion a deeper meaning.” He recommends gifting green jewels to symbolise peace and serenity.


Graff takes a more classic route. “For the gentlemen, we have an array of timeless cufflinks set with vibrant gemstones and diamonds that are effortlessly stylish,” shares Geffroy.


Goldsmith Morten Priisholm couldn’t agree more with her. ”A man can only wear one watch at a time, so a pair of cufflinks and an exclusive ring is the logical next step. This season offers new possibilities for gentlemen to express their passions though jewellery, be that passion for cars, travelling, fine dining, sports or watches.”


Mads Kornerup, Co-founder and Creative Director of Shamballa Jewels, ties this year’s suggestions for gentlemen’s jewellery to Eastern philosophy. “The combination of dark and bright stones is used to remind the modern-day warrior of his personal journey into accomplishing his goals and ambitions in life with a fearless, wise and joyful immediacy,” he shares.

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