Maripet Ledesma Poso

Pure craftsmanship and meaningful inspirations take centre stage in these stunning creations

Sittings editor: Maripet Ledesma Poso
Photographer: Chino Sardea
Makeup artist: Ginger Lynette using Giorgio Armani
Hair stylist: Kenneth Ong using Hanz de Fuko
DI specialist: Dexter Maneja
Model: Talia P / Mannequin

From a cherry blossom branch to clouds seen on top of a mountain and a dashing kingfisher bird, we highlight some of our favourite Singapore-based jewellers’ inspirations for their iconic fine jewellery creations.

Sakura Bloom jade studs in 18K white and rose gold and Type A jadeite; Cherry Blossom Branch ring handcrafted with different hues of organic Type A jadeite; Cherry Blossom bangle with organic Type A jadeite, all from CHOO YILIN

Lovebirds cold-shoulder crocheted mini-dress, ALICE MCCALL at THEOUTNET.COM

“I draw my design concepts from everywhere and anywhere,” shares Michael Koh, Founder and Designer of Caratell. “It could be places I visited, architecture, nature, things around us, films, or even the gemstone itself.” For his new collection, Above the Clouds, Koh was inspired by the magnificent clouds he saw on top of the ‘ruby’ mountain in Myanmar. “The clouds appeared to frolic lazily, teasing the tall trees in the mountains, reminding me of a pure, childhood joy.”

Earrings with garnets, sapphires, and diamonds; Pendant in 18K black and yellow gold with 1.39ct diamonds, tsavorites, mandarin garnets, black and pink sapphires; Ring with a 7.91ct chrysoberyl, yellow diamonds, coloured sapphires, rubies, and spinels; Ring sapphires, diamonds, and an Imperial jade as centre stone, all from the new Above the Clouds collection by CARATELL

Strapless printed Jacquard gown, SACHIN AND BABI at THEOUTNET.COM

For her The Duchess of Windsor collection, Simone Ng, Founder and Creative Director of Simone Jewels, was inspired by the elegance and boldness of the kingfisher bird, which reminded her of Wallis Simpson’s grace and splendour. In the early days, the Chinese would often use blue kingfisher feathers in their jewellery. Simone Jewels’ Kingfisher Paradise necklace is fully handcrafted and beaded with emeralds, featuring the studded bird playfully enjoying the surrounding lush garden, made of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.

Emerald and diamond earrings and ring, and the Kingfisher Paradise necklace from The Duchess of Windsor collection, all from SIMONE JEWELS

She Moves Me tiered embroidered tulle gown, ALICE MCCALL at THEOUTNET.COM

For over thousands of years, the Chinese have been using jade in their jewellery creations, preferring it over other stones because of its healing properties. Today, fine jewellers like Choo Yilin relentlessly work hard to promote the cultural significance of the stone by creating fine jade jewellery with modern designs. Her Cherry Blossom pieces inspired by the beauty of spring, and handcrafted with precious gemstones and organic Type A jadeite, are one of the brand’s signature designs.

Butterfly earrings in 18K yellow gold with 6.77ct rose-cut diamonds and 1.87ct diamonds; Chinese Lion brooch in 18K yellow gold with 5.75ct diamonds and rubies, both from FOUNDATION JEWELLERS

To move away from the misconception that Peranakan jewellery are “grandmother’s jewellery”, Foundation Jewellers introduced the use of brilliant diamonds, to replace the traditional ‘intan’ or diamond skin, as well as subtler shades of yellow gold instead of the usual yellow gold, in their creations. Jade, tourmaline, and rubellites also help make the designs look more contemporary. “As we go on creating Peranakan jewellery, we realise it is more than just a piece of jewellery — it’s a culture. And we wanted to save the culture,” shares Caroline Tay of Foundation Jewellers. The butterfly, a favourite motif by the brand, is a symbol of summer, a young love, and the promise of resurrection.

Retro sapphire and ruby Floral Spray bracelet, by Tiffany & Co., circa 1940’s, in 18K gold set with fancy-cut sapphire petals, round brilliant-cut rubies, and diamonds; Vintage pair of rubellite, diamond and ruby ear pendants, both from REVIVAL JEWELS

Ribbons and tassels are also among the favourite motifs in Asian jewellery. The tassels are reminiscent of the Chinese knots, which symbolise good luck and prosperity. The 1940’s retro sapphire and ruby Floral Spray bracelet by Tiffany & Co., from Revival Jewels’ collection, features subtle yellow gold ribbons atop the tubogas bracelet. Meanwhile, Emperor Jewellery’s stunning emerald necklace features 170ct emerald beads and tassels, with a ruby centre stone totalling 49.53 carats.

Necklace with 170ct emerald beads, 15.98ct sapphire beads, and a ruby centre stone totalling 49.53 carats, EMPEROR JEWELLERY

Cutout chiffon-panelled guipure lace dress, MARCHESA NOTTE at THEOUTNET.COM


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