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ZYDO displays graceful flexibility and elegance with a stunning new collection

Creating pieces that combine impeccable gemstones with artisanal excellence and modern designs, Italian fine jewellery brand ZYDO clearly has a penchant for innovation. This constant desire to create something new has helped steer the company to the right direction throughout the years.

Founded 47 years ago by a family of diamond cutters and dealers, ZYDO has been producing pieces entirely from its workshops in northern Italian city of Valenza, famous for its craft traditions and advancements in jewellery innovation. ZYDO’s creations are distinguished by the exceptional quality of its diamonds and gemstones and designs that revolve around these stones and magnify their brilliance.

The flexible bands are extremely comfortable to wear, so much so that some of our loyal clients find a traditional band no longer as comfortable – Roberto Zybert, Production Director and Design Coordinator of ZYDO

Another telling trademark of the brand is its responsiveness to market changes, fashion trends, and customers’ tastes, which influence the design process of every ZYDO jewellery piece. This winning formula has transformed the family-run company — now into its second-generation leadership — into a global presence with prime retail locations worldwide, including Saks and Neiman Marcus shops in the US.

In the current ZYDO jewellery collection, three lines in particular embody the brand’s hallmark of luxurious sophistication and wearability — the Flexible Ring Bands, the Stretch, and the Precious Long Chain series.


Addressing the current vogue for wearable elegance, ZYDO’s new Flexible Ring Bands series features rings that perfectly embrace the finger like a glove — each tiny link is attached by hand by ZYDO craftsmen to ensure the wearer’s comfort.

“The flexible bands are extremely comfortable to wear, so much so that some of our loyal clients, once they get used to wearing them, find a traditional band no longer as comfortable,” shares Roberto Zybert, second-generation owner and Production Director and Design Coordinator of ZYDO.


The flexible concept of the collection extends to the Stretch series with bracelets and rings featuring the same comfort and wearability. “The rings glide over the finger, and the bracelets slip on easily and gently on the arm,” shares Jack Zybert, CEO of ZYDO.


In the Precious Long Chain series, the pieces are fully assembled by hand, giving the lengths of precious metals and jewels flexibility. “This method of manufacture also gives the ZYDO necklace a unique advantage: the chain does not turn even if the wearer dances or moves vigorously,” says Jack. “This means the ‘best’ side of the diamonds and gemstones is always on display, enhancing the luminosity and beauty of the piece of jewellery.”

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