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Romance cynics, look away now. This special spread is utterly, unapologetically romantic — all sugar and spice, and everything nice. Because, really, who doesn’t love flowers and diamonds, especially on Valentine’s Day?


Although recent surveys reveal that almost 50% of women would rather prefer to receive long-lasting gifts — a hint for something sparkly, perhaps? — still, 70% of them admit that they don’t mind receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day. Well, why not give them both? After all, every woman deserves flowers and, yes, diamonds — not only on special days.


Luckily, most men get it. In fact, flowers and jewellery are among the top three things men buy as gifts to celebrate the love month, the third being leather goods. Last year, MasterCard shared that 40% of the men surveyed still favoured flowers as a gift, while 17% preferred gifting jewellery.


According to Patrizia Spinelli, PR and Communications Director for Damiani, jewellery is still the favourite and most appreciated gift during the Valentine season. “We notice that some people remain very traditional and still choose a ring with a strong symbolic meaning. But nowadays, there is a more relaxed approach to gift-giving, and bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are very popular, too.”


Diamond earrings top the list of jewellery gifts given by boyfriends, especially by those who want their partners to feel extra special, but are not ready ‘pop the question’ just yet. Classy, meaningful, and simple, one can never go wrong with a classic pair of diamond studs. A necklace with a dainty diamond or a heart-shaped pendant is also popular.


For those who plan to give their significant others something sweeter than a box of chocolates and more life-changing than a pair of earrings, an engagement ring is always a nice touch. There’s nothing more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day with a promise of a lifetime together .

However, if you’re single and feeling generous, just like every other occasion in your life, why not invest in something fabulous for yourself? Perhaps a pair of shoulder dusters, or a beautiful bouquet of your favourite flowers? After all, self-purchasing has never been this empowering.