The wedding edit from Jouer by Simone allows the unique trait of couples to shine through a variety of wedding ring styles

Traditionally, choosing a wedding ring might not have been a very exciting affair and was simply a matter of selecting a matching set. For some people, it might be akin to getting the task over and done with.

However, as couples today tend to give importance to their personalities and the qualities that make them unique, the hunt for the perfect wedding rings have gone beyond a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

With its finger on the pulse of individuality and customisation, Jouer by Simone launches the wedding edit, comprised of wedding rings designed for the new generation who values individuality and unique experiences. With its one-of-a-kind offerings, what soon-to-be-wed couples get is a highly personalised celebration of endless love and devotion.

The Collections at a Glance

Jouer by Simone features four main jewellery collections – starting at SGD 580 – that are distinguished by elements like design, shape, and colours. Best of all, they can be chosen, customised, and ordered online at the comfort of your own home.

For lovers who are inspired by the graceful organic flow of nature, the Lover collection is for you, which is defined by elegant simplicity and gentle curves.

If you consider yourself fearless and up for adventures life may throw your way, consider the Rockstar collection, which serves up attitude in spades with its hardware-inspired designs.

With a limitless attitude combined with a strong belief in empowerment, check out the Edgy collection. Like you, it’s a selection of rings that’s anything but ordinary – especially with its multi-faceted and unexpected corners adorned with or without diamonds.

Finally, for the creative souls who appreciates artistry and beauty, the Artist collection is perfect with its unexpected pops of colour that beautifully contrast against solid shades of gold.

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