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Kahn High Jewellery

For a relatively young brand, Kahn High Jewellery has made great strides in taking the homegrown Hong Kong brand to the international arena. At their atelier in Central — Hong Kong’s vibrant business and retail centre — diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and other gemstones are put together with an almost obsessive attention to detail to create red carpet-ready jewellery pieces.

The creative force behind the brand, founder and managing director Hoey Ho, travels extensively around the world to source only the most exquisite stones from reputable suppliers. The stones are then brought to Hong Kong, where a team of designers give them an opulent aesthetic.




Fancy pink diamond ring, luxury jewellery
Pink diamond ring

“We specialise in using graded colour diamonds and precious stones to create customised pieces for the most discerning individuals. Kahn is a brand that melds style and design with value and legacy,” says Hoey. “Our customers love to invest in grade stones, and our team upgrades these stones with beautiful designs to ultimately increase their value. High quality and detailed workmanship are the basis of our jewellery.”

This year, Kahn’s focus will be on “large-stone collections with spectacular designs and ultra luxury value,” says Hoey. A highlight of its latest collection is a majestic Colombian emerald necklace with matching earrings inspired by contemporary art. The necklace glitters with an 11.80ct emerald held together by a double string of princess and tie-cut white diamonds. The earrings accentuate the overall look with two large emerald stones in a sea of white diamonds.

Kahn High Jewellery emerald collection
Nacklace featuring a 11.80ct Columbian emerald and 39ct white diamonds, and Earrings with 24.40ct Columbian emeralds

More show-stopping emerald, ruby, and coloured diamond creations will be launched later in the year. With so much promise and potential, Kahn has set its sights to further growth.

“When we started, our biggest hurdle was to acquire high-net-worth consumers with high brand loyalty and persuade them to acquire Kahn jewellery. It also wasn’t easy to persuade retail shops to carry a young brand such as ours,” admits Hoey. “But nowadays, our brand is already present in Singapore, Australia, and Abu Dhabi, and they are all in prime locations. We hope to expand further and bring our jewellery to more locations.”

For more information, visit www.kahn-jewellery.com.